Patient Care Management

Becoming Healthier with Patient Care Management 


Management is a crucial part of our lives. Whether it is about studies, working in the office, or managing work at home, management plays a vital role. In the hospitals, too, management has always been very critical. Due to a large number of illness and the quick outspread of some diseases, hospitals see a huge number of patients coming and going.  

Proper care and the right treatment are the key duties of any hospital. And patient care management takes higher importance because of its role in efficiently helping patients recover. It involves multiple steps, the first being preparing a care routine.   

According to the patient’s medical conditions, a care routine is prepared for them so that the patient is given the necessary facilities on time. Giving medicines on time, getting exercises done, giving proper diet, monitoring the patient, if there is a surgery patient then dressing him daily, etc., all are a part of the routine for the patient.  

A team of medically trained people works effortlessly to improve the conditions of the patient. Their main objective is only to reduce the problems caused by their disease to the patient and provide them with a better life. It primarily works for chronic diseases like Cancer, AIDS, TB, KIDNEY DISEASES etc.  

How does patient care management work?  

It has a trained team whose prominent person is a care manager who guides his team correctly. Under this, the team diagnoses each of their patients and then treats the patient accordingly. Also, there is a separate team or trained person dedicated to each patient who keeps monitoring the patient 24×7. They ensure that the patient is at utmost ease and makes them mentally strong. Along with this management, the team sometimes also handles the relatives of the patients with empathy.  

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 The benefit of patient care management  

There are many significant changes in the life of the patient after they are faced with chronic ailments. For a cancer patient, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., is very painful. The patient has to face many side effects, due to which they fall easily into depression and frustration.  

But when they are under a patient care management program, there are chances of betterment. Care is the most effective medicine for every patient. In chronic diseases, care along with therapy cures the patient better.   

Diseases like cancer and AIDS are mostly fatal, but with proper care taken, the patient’s life span can be increased. With the help of patient care management, the patient’s health conditions are monitored daily. If any possible risk is noticed, proper treatment can be given immediately.  

Responsibilities of patient care management team.  

1) To do routine checkups of the patient.  

2) Understanding the patient’s previous medical history and present conditions and treating the patient accordingly.  

3) Preparation of daily diet plan and exercise plan of the patient.  

4) To help the patient become mentally stable.  

5) To inform the patient about pain management and stress management etc.  

6) To motivate the patient from time to time.  

7) Make changes in the treatment according to the development of the patient.  

8) To treat patients as per the orders of senior doctors or medical representatives.  

Role of the patient care management team  

The patient care management team is a big one. The repercussions of these diseases are different, and the patients need specialists for everything. The following are the people who constitute the strong team of managers who work for the improvement and health upliftment of the patients.   

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1) Physician – Their job is to diagnose the disease, suggest proper medications, conduct all types of authorized treatment.  

2) Nurse – From understanding the patient’s health conditions to following the treatments like counselling the patients, putting the patient to do exercises, and reporting time to time to the physician, a nurse does all the jobs.  

3) Nutritionist – Their job is to check the patient’s nutritional status and eating pattern and accordingly give proper diet to control blood pressure and build physical strength.  

4) Physical therapists – They prescribe and teach appropriate exercises to improve strength and flexibility and enhance cardiovascular health within the limitations of arthritis.  

5) Occupational therapists – They assess the limits and capacities of the patients to perform regular activities. They suggest exercises to improve flexibility and teach adaptive techniques to work with devices.  

Patient care management focuses entirely on the patient’s treatment, making them capable of building their ability to fight the disease. They are taught to control and act on each of their emotions and encouraged to complete the proper treatment without any gap for a better life. So, patient care management plays a vital role in a better recovery after a significant disease.   

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