What are the post 18 study options for students? 



We see that you have come up here looking for your post 18 options. Someone looking for post 18 options usually means that he or she is done with his, A level exams, or have completed your college course, or it can be that your apprenticeship is ending soon.

We have great news for you as we have a lot of good options for you to choose from.

Now have a look at these options:

Post 18 Options


Try not to stress on the off chance that you have just barely concluded this is for you, and you have not applied for a college place. Let us tell you that clearing is an incredible chance. At college you study certificate level projects in your preferred subject, increasing an advanced education capability following 3 years which is profoundly respected by managers.

If anyone of you is not willing to go to the university, then really it is okay. Since you can choose from lots of options to enter higher education later on by working alongside your studies. Moreover, there are tons of different types of higher education courses available. Those different courses have broadly perceived capability which is at Level 4 or over A-Levels, BTEC Level 3, and Advanced Apprenticeships are largely Level 3 capabilities. A degree begins at Level 4 and advances to Level 6 in the third year.

Studying online

Another one of the post 18 option is study online. Now, let us suppose that you cannot afford to study in a university or do not have enough time due to your work. So, in this case, you can opt for studying online. Now, there are so many good high quality courses present online. One of the best search engines for online courses is TakeThisCourse dot net. You can easily find online courses and classes from top universities. You can also find best NYU Classes Online for learning and getting knowledge from the comfort of your home.

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On this website, you can find thousands of online courses, with professional ratings and views. They have lots of different options for courses, and they have courses related to every professional field. If you are looking forward to opting for online courses, then you can search for courses through TakeThisCourse.

Advanced, Higher or Degree Apprenticeship

On the off chance that you are completing A Levels or other Level 3 capabilities, for example, BTECs or NVQs, you may be thinking about an apprenticeship or advanced education, when you have finished them. 

An apprenticeship is an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you need to prepare for a particular employment area and gain cash simultaneously. There is a wide range of, energizing apprenticeships building up constantly, so you will have bounty to browse.

For this option, these are the following things that you will be needing to consider:

  • Apprenticeship opportunities for the late spring after you finish your A Levels or Level 3 capabilities are publicized consistently and the end dates can change. Now, if you are confused about what to choose then you can opt for an apprenticeship or a higher education route, it is probably best to apply for higher education courses as well as looking for apprenticeship vacancies.
  • If you find places then you might be able to see that many job areas now offering Higher Apprenticeships, which are higher-education-level qualifications of Level 4+. Managers are searching for A Levels and other Level 3 capabilities as section necessities.
  • On the off chance that you do not have the significant occupation specific experience, you may need to take an Advanced Apprenticeship, even though these are similar level capabilities as Level 3 as A Levels. Then there are good chances that you may be able to advance more quickly than a 16 year old.

Sponsored Degrees

A supported degree will have an immediate relationship with a business and may have been contrived by them as well, and in some cases coupled with an expert affiliation. Understudies on a supported plan may get a bursary and have a year’s arrangement in addition to two summer situations with that business. Contingent upon scholarly and situation execution, they may likewise get a spot on the alumni plot or an employment with the organization upon graduation.

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A sponsored degree study is a great way of guaranteeing experience as part of your degree and helps you to fund your university education.

Gap Years

Gap years can incorporate significant foundation work, or even a year in industry, procuring a pay and picking up work place aptitudes before university. Finding a work and acquiring cash is consistently a course that is open and on the off chance that you can discover a business that additionally offers you preparing while you work, that is stunningly better. 

More extraordinary choices are that the police, armed force, naval force, flying corps, and the crisis benefits just as the consideration and friendliness areas, need a base age of 18 for huge numbers of their employment opportunities.

Start a business

This  post probably is one of the best options, if you have an awesome idea, then you can develop it into a product or a service that you can sell. Everyone knows that being your own boss can be wonderful in its own right, but for that purpose, you will really need to embed the hours in to get your company up and running.

There are two famous organization that offers grants, they also mentor and young people wanting to start their own business. These are those two organizations:

  • Princes Trust 
  • LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) 

You can look into these two organizations if you want to start your new business.


So, these are all of the post 18 options for the students. You can look into the details for all of these options, take your time. It is better that you talk it over with family and friends, but in the end it is your decision to make, so we advise you to choose the plan that will make you the happiest. You can find best free online courses with certificate of completion, so consider this opportunity. We hope that you make the right decision, advance in your career, and live a successful life. Thank you. Stay safe!

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