function of beauty reviews

Function Of Beauty Reviews


Even if you are a woman of soap and water, you cannot exempt yourself from careful body, hair, and skincare. That knows how to enhance your beauty and counteract the signs of aging. And therefore, the cosmetic sector is teeming with creams, lotions, oils, and products (more or less miraculous). That promise to make the skin smoother and the hair flowing and luminous. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the function of beauty reviews.

Whether they are natural products with impeccable INCI, high-end, or low-cost, Dire Donna. Will guide you in choosing products such as:

  • bronzers
  • hair masks
  • wrinkle creams
  • sun protection
  • scrub
  • shampoos and conditioners
  • lotions against dry skin or excess sebum
  • anti-cellulite oils
  • beauty treatments to do at home

Function Of Beauty Reviews

Perfumes and make-up to be irresistible

We cannot talk about the function of beauty reviews products without mentioning makeup and perfumes: it is thanks to them, in fact, that women express all their femininity. Mascara, face powder, blush, BB cream, lipsticks, and eau-de-toilette cannot be missing in the beauty case. Still, the most passionate about make-up is not satisfied with just any cosmetic and love to choose what is best based on the type of skin, texture, and budget. We at DireDonna tell you not only about luxury brands in the field of make-up and perfumes, such as Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, but also about low-cost brands that are truly accessible to everyone, such as Kiko, L’Oreal or Pupa., describing the strengths and weaknesses of each item tested.

Beauty device not to be missed

The world of cosmetics is also hi-tech. The many specific devices demonstrate this for each part of the body:

  • Hair removal devices, such as silk-épil or pulsed light household epilators
  • Electric massagers, electro-stimulators, and devices for cellulite reduction
  • Specific beauty devices for facial skin to eliminate the signs of aging and make it smoother and more luminous
  • High-tech straighteners and hair-stylers that allow you to obtain an impeccable style with the lowest possible temperature so as not to damage the hair

Whatever your need, you can rely on the opinions of DireDonna, which tests the most popular function of beauty reviews devices of the moment for you and advises you on how to make the most of their potential.

Function Of Beauty Reviews: Beauty products, rankings, and reviews

Don’t miss our specials dedicated to the different types of beauty products. You will find:

Body care products

  • Bronzers

To achieve a bronze color while protecting the health of the skin.

  • Anti-cellulite creams

Review the best products and remedies to say goodbye to stretch marks forever and prevent the orange peel effect.

  • Face creams

For oily, dry, young, and all types of skin, from moisturizers to anti-wrinkle creams.

  • Skin products

Classifications of firming creams and body products for skin that is always smooth, supple, and velvety.

  • Shampoos

Reviews of the best shampoos for hair of all types, straight, curly, wavy, dry, oily, or dyed.

  • Nail art

Tips on the latest seasonal nail trends and nail polish list not to be missed.

  • Other beauty products

From face masks through bubble baths to the latest beauty devices launched on the market.

Function Of Beauty Reviews: Makeup

  • Eyeliner

Find out which are the best eyeliners on the market to give depth to your look.

  • Foundation

Reviews of the top foundations on the market give evenness and tone to the skin of the face.

  • Eye shadows

Ratings and novelties on the best eye shadows in powder, liquid, glitter, or matt effect.

  • Lipsticks

To enhance your lips and give your mouth a sensual and defined contour.

How to choose the best face cream

Before understanding how to choose the best one, it is necessary to clarify that no cream can affect if it is applied to oily or dirty skin. To obtain effective hydration results, it is necessary to apply the cream on a clean face.

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Read our special dedicated to the rankings of the best function of beauty reviews products. Once this is done, it is necessary to remember that there is no absolute best cream, but everything depends on many factors such that choosing the best cream is a strictly personal matter.

  • It affects the time of year: whether it is winter or summer, it is necessary to choose a cream suitable for the outside temperature. Just as we dress more or less heavily for the rest of the body, a more or less heavy or, better, compact cream will also be selected for the face.
  • The type of skin effects: depending on whether it is basically dry or oily skin, you must choose a cream that can compensate for the genetic factor. In some cases, it will be advisable to opt for two types of creams: one to be applied to the so-called T-zone, which is more oily, and another for the rest of the face. This solution is best for faces that have both skin types depending on the area.
  • The day/night factor affects: day creams should be protective, ready to resist smog and dust that normally circulates in the air. While night creams should be richer in nutrients and, in fact, during the night’s rest, the substances are metabolized much faster.

After considering these factors, you can find in the rich selection of DireDonna articles the insights and advice to find your ideal face cream.


what it is

We have said that cellulite is an abnormal accumulation because it overflows outside the fat cells, breaking them. In fact, in addition to protecting the body, the skin performs the important function of constituting a fat reserve available for lean periods. Body fat is energy stored and ready to go.


It remains to be clarified why this happens. The causes are among the most varied: genetics contribute and circulation problems due to a too sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits. Women are more prone to this imperfection because they are prone to accumulate more fat than men by their own hormonal constitution. But smoking is also an important factor: cellulite occurs due to dysfunctions due to blood circulation.


There are many remedies to combat this imperfection. Due to diet and nutrition, greater consideration must be given to adopting a healthy and not very sedentary lifestyle. Only in this way, aesthetic products and therapies to stem the orange peel effect will show all the power in carrying out their beneficial effects in body care. In the most serious cases, plastic surgery solutions are used, such as liposuction, lip sculpture, and/or abdominoplasty.

Discover Dire Donna all the best products reviewed by an expert staff, with advice to reduce cellulite, perhaps avoiding the risks associated with surgery.

Function Of Beauty Reviews: Shampoo

Here are some elements to start making the first skimming. The first selection takes place at the point of sale.

  • In the supermarket, you can find cheap shampoos of the most commercial brands. Occasions often get really interesting because there is always some discount on the Body and personal hygiene products aisle.
  • In Bio stores, you can find natural shampoos without harsh chemicals. These are products that do without parabens or alcohol and are less foamy than other types of shampoos.
  • You can buy hypoallergenic shampoos tested above all nickel-free or curative shampoos, such as those against hair loss at the pharmacy.

In hairdressing salons, it is possible to find high-quality shampoos for hairstyles made by brands dedicated to the study of professional products. Revives curls or perfectly straight hair: whatever hairstyle you want to achieve after shampooing, your trusted hairdresser knows the right product.

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How to apply dark nail polish

Dark enamels are the most difficult to apply, first of all, because of the thicker and more difficult formula to apply, then for the small errors that are more evident due to the contrast (obviously, the darker the complexion, the more you will benefit from this).

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There is, however, a way to apply dark nail polish and do it best :

  • apply the nail polish starting from the central area of ​​the nail, going downwards, and then doing the same with the two side portions;
  • spreading the enamel, press lightly on the brush so that it spreads out and the enamel is distributed more evenly;
  • often with dark enamel, a second coat is not necessary, but if it is needed, it is important to let the first layer dry very well before adding the second;
  • dark glazes tend to spoil before the others over time, so if the consistency is sticky after a test, you will have to resign yourself to buying a new product.

Classification of natural cosmetics

To date, in fact, there is still no mandatory legal regulation that establishes the definition of natural and organic cosmetics. To be organic, a cosmetic must have at least 95% of ingredients of biological origin that must be obtained from collections made during the balsamic period, the moment in which each plant has the highest concentration of functional, active ingredients, and in protected areas free of pesticides. Furthermore, organic rhymes with ecological: natural cosmetics are environmentally conscious and respect an ethical profile.

Ranking of the best brands of organic cosmetics

The best of according to the editors? Here is the list of the 10 best brands of natural and organic cosmetic products, according to Diredonna.

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Madara Organic Skincare

It is a Latvian company that produces Ecocert certified organic and natural cosmetics based on plant extracts obtained from plants that grow in the country overlooking the Baltic Sea. The founders take up the ancient knowledge of older women who exclusively took care of themselves with local plants. Mádara has transformed this passion for northern plants into a combination of nature, tradition, and science. Scientific research and tests to make the most of the extraordinary beneficial powers of nature. Are the basis of the creation of each product. ECOCERT certified products, cruelty-free, free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, SLS, and synthetic fragrances. Here to buy Madara Organic Skincare.

Bio Phytorelax

The first Cosmos Organic certified organic line was born from the Phytorelax laboratories, developed in compliance. With the highest standards for organic cosmetics, complying with the Cosmos Standard criteria. They do not contain raw materials derived from GMOs. They are VeganOk certified and dermatologically tested. So, they contain phyto preparations based on organic chamomile flowers, a precious natural remedy with soothing, emollient, protective, and decongestant properties. Ideal as a cosmetic treatment for the most delicate and sensitive skin of the whole family.

Neal’s Yard Remedies

The historic British brand founded in London in 1981 was a pioneer in the field of organic and natural cosmetics as it has banned everything synthetic and chemical since its inception. In 2014 it became the first health and beauty company in the world to reach 100% ethics. The products are the result of the combination of pharmacist experience. With a holistic approach to the function of beauty reviews and with a strong focus on naturalness. Of the formulation and the use of eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

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La Saponaria

An important philosophy is La Saponaria, which combines the need for a good quality product with the not high cost and the search for the lowest environmental impact. So, the products are certified organic and free of substances harmful to health and the environment, and the ingredients come from the crops of small farms. The formulations use fresh organic ingredients of plant origin, honey, and biodynamic propolis. So, totally excluding GMOs or of petrochemical origin. The cosmetic line is complete and includes face, body and hair, sunscreen, children’s, and men’s line.


Founded in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with an adjoining garden of medicinal plants.  For the production of holistic natural cosmetics and homeopathic and anthroposophic remedies. Since its foundation, it has paid great attention to social, environmental, and economic responsibility.  Contributing to well-being in general and the balance of body and mind. For the good shopping guide, the site reveals what lies behind the most famous brands and companies and helps the consumer. To make eco-friendly choices is the best brand in the world, for respect for animals and the environment, and actions aimed at anti-corruption. in the name of human rights.

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