Banarasi dupattas for brides and brides-to-be


The wedding season is right around the corner so be ready to set your standards real high with your wedding outfits. Every woman dreams about her special day from the very beginning but the panic is real when the date gets closer.

 Who wouldn’t like to look like an absolute goddess on their very special day! From choosing your trendy lehengas to finding the perfect dupatta with it can be quite hectic. However, there is one dupatta that never goes wrong. Yes, you guessed it right as Banarasi dupattas never go out of style.

 Just a stunning banarasi dupatta can make your dreams of looking like a royal bride come true. The fabrics, rich colours, as well as the patterns of such dupattas, bring out the charm of your outfit. For our lovely brides and brides to be, here are some evergreen banarasi dupattas that you can totally rock.

 Red dupatta with wide borders

We all are well aware of the connection between weddings and red colour. Wedding outfits are incomplete if you do not add at least a pinch of red to your look. Several brides are exploring options and tossing out the red lehengas but a red dupatta makes up for all of it.

 Red banarasi dupattas give a royal and rich look. No colour can replace the classiness that red provides. Alongside, it is good to go a little traditional on your big day. The shimmer of red dupattas will surely get all the eyes in the room on you.

 Banarasi dupattas

with wide golden borders look the best. They are perfect for accessorising your overall bridal look. No matter what colour lehenga you are wearing, red will match all of them. Most brides choose red dupattas to cover their head.

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 Golden Banarasi Dupattas

 The golden colour screams of supremacy and looks lovely when paired with the right lehenga. Golden dupattas are for those brides who like to keep their outfit subtle with unmatchable charisma. You may have noticed the increasing rage of golden banarasi dupattas online on the internet.


If you are planning your wedding with a shimmery theme then golden dupattas with heavy artwork on them will work out perfectly for you. White or cream coloured lehenga along with a stunning banarasi dupatta is going to make you glow like never before.

 You will have quite some options in the Banarasi dupattas too. There is zari artwork, pure banarasi silk and so on. With numerous patterns available, you can explore, go full glam, mix and match or keep it simple, whatever you like. Just make sure to wear heavy jewellery if you are avoiding too many colours in your outfit.

 Purple for her majesty

 Can we ever get enough of purple? Probably not. This royal colour never fails to impress us. For brides who are bold with their choices and outfits, go for this purple banarasi dupatta. With captivating designs along with attractive borders, such handloom dupattas are a little expensive.

 However, purple was never a cheap catch from the beginning of time. Purples and violets go with lehenga of any colour. They enhance your outfit by adding a pop of colour. Such dupattas are great for newlyweds who have yet to perform the ceremonies as well as rituals.

 Be it a plain white, black or pink suit, or even an anarkali, this purple dupatta will make everything look better. You can wear some heavy silver jewellery to complete your outfit. We would advise you to pick out handloom dupattas as their artwork is irreplaceable.

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 Pretty Shades of Pink

 Our heart lies in the colour pink. We see less red and more pink in every wedding because let’s face it, the colour makes everything look lavish. The most incredible fact about this is that you don’t have to worry about colour combinations.

 Whether it is pink on pink or any other colour with a pink dupatta, it all just fits right. Banarasi dupattas in shades of pink are so trendy right now that you have to wear it at least in one of your ceremonies. Often, these dupattas are mixed with a hint of yellow or orange to enrich the overall look.

 Moreover, you can use pink banarasi dupattas as an additional accessory to your outfit. From purple lehengas to pink ones, these dupattas will look wonderful on you. If you want a more put-together, basic yet elegant look then choose one of the pink banarasi silk dupattas.

 Yellow Dupattas

 For Haldi and sangeet ceremonies, it is vital to create fun as well as a colourful atmosphere. These joyous rituals will be dull without a rocking outfit. Pick yellow banarasi dupattas for a more lively look. Do not be afraid to mix colours as your outfit should match the vibe of the event.

 Yellow dupattas with wide borders give a nice finish to your appearance. You can pair them with yellow or pink lehengas. Even if your outfit is simple, this dupatta will do its job and make it ten times better. All the brides to be should definitely get their hands on this dupatta. Save this for the events when you would like to bring your own sunshine with you.


 were some of the best banarasi dupattas for brides and brides to be. We hope that your wedding along with your wedding outfits makes history on all social media platforms. 

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