How do I get a job in fashion marketing?


Fashion is a fabulous field to work in and has enamoured people across the globe. While we only get to see the glamorous side of this business on runways, billboards and in magazines or television, the truth is that a lot of hard work goes behind the scenes. 

The industry functions just like any other organisation with various division and teams. Marketing is an important segment of fashion and is concerned with advertising campaigns and promotions. While designers are vastly popular but their designs would never reach the customers if it is not advertised properly. 

This requires a great deal of effort in studying the market, understanding what appeals to the audience and choosing the right channels for promotion. If you are looking to be a part of this field then your first step should be to apply for BA fashion marketing and management programme. 

  What is Fashion Marketing? 

Marketing is among the many business aspects of Fashion whose fundamental purpose is to help designers and labels get their products to reach the right audience. Without generating the right awareness, design and manufacturing team will never be able to connect to their customers. 

 The fashion market is highly saturated and to be visible to the customers, the marketing team has to think of creative and interesting ways to reach out to shoppers. This makes them an essential wing of the brand team as they boost sales and generate revenue for business continuity. 

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There are various job roles that fall under the bracket of fashion marketing which consists of positions such as Sales Manager, Marketing Assistant, Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager and more. 

Steps to starting your career in fashion marketing 

If you have the drive and passion to pursue a career in this field then you have to take into consideration the following steps: 

  1. The most important step is to first enrol in a programme that provides you with a specific skill set and knowledge which is relevant to the field. Any promising role in this sector can only come your way if you have the necessary credentials to showcase on your C.V. During the programme training you will gain deep insight into the sector and learn to handle scenarios you come across during work. 
  2. Being an apprentice to an established designer or working as an intern with a fashion brand can also be of great use in your professional career. Generally, after completion of a programme, students find such opportunities and are hired by brands to work alongside established professionals and learn on training. 
  3. Having a strong network from early on will also improve your chances of finding good work. Link building is important in every business including fashion. You will start meeting relevant people in the industry during your fashion programme and you can also attend as many events and meet-ups where you will come across other prominent names in the industry. 
  4. Lastly, make sure that you have a strong portfolio and necessary knowledge of your field which will help you crack interviews and make a good impression during the job search. 
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Fashion marketing is a very interesting field which will offer you a lot of diverse opportunities to learn and grow. By making efforts in the right direction and taking strategic steps, you can enjoy a stable and successful career in this field. 

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