how to learn digital marketing

How To Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing How To

If you are a digital warrior, you know that everywhere we talk about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and many other terminologies such as SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Sponsored tweets, Mobile, E-Buzz, Web Listening, Sentiment Analysis, Web and Marketing 3.0, and so on. Street. Among books, websites, blogs, newsletters, mailing lists, conferences, webinars, there is an “information overload” on these issues, so much so that one often feels disoriented. Here we will give you a complete guide about how to learn digital marketing?

So, starting with Digital Marketing, let’s do some order.

What is Digital Marketing, and why is it important?

The definition of Digital Marketing is ” the set of marketing activities that use web channels to develop its commercial network. Analyze market trends, predict their progress, and create offers on the target customer profile. ”

The activity of the Digital Marketer fully includes all SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing) activities but also has specific skills and experiences related to tools such as Google AdWords, email marketing, lead generation, and affiliation.

Digital Marketing is essential because it sits alongside traditional sales strategies. Sometimes it is also the only one. If we think of eCommerce, that does not have a physical store. Then we understand that the importance of a figure who knows how to attract online customers in the best way is vital for corporate profit.

What is tourism digital marketing?

Marketing can be applied in all fields. The importance of tourism for a country, combined with the increasing competition in the hospitality sector. It has also allowed how to learn digital marketing to enter the tourism sector.

The Digital Tourism Marketing includes the online definition of tourist villa features. The implementation of strategies for communication on the Internet, and increasingly structured relations with the relevant users. It is possible to increase the structure’s visibility through online promotion activities and increase users’ number in targets potentially reachable with their communications.

In a highly competitive market such as tourism. The best strategies for planning online advertising campaigns to increase the site’s traffic and popularity are the disintermediation activities from OTAs. The selection of the online booking engine to increase the commercial potential of the site. Online reputation management, optimization of your site for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, …), geo-localized marketing activities, and  Social Media Marketing for tourism.

How do you become a Digital Marketing Manager?

The Digital Marketing Manager is the person who coordinates and manages a digital team within an agency or company that develops an effective marketing and communication plan for the product or service in question. The web marketing manager must necessarily have an extensive range of digital knowledge. In short, he must know each branch of Web Marketing.

But what is the knowledge that a Digital Marketing Manager must have? Indeed, knowledge of web design, to understand how far the web designer can go, combined with user experience skills. He has SEO knowledge, hence search engine rankings. Must know the world of advertising: from AdWords’ ability to direct remarketing and social network campaigns.

How to learn digital marketing

Before we delve into the heart of this guide and see how to do online marketing. Let me illustrate some of the benefits attached to this activity and. Therefore, why you would do well to undertake it.

Since this is an activity that can be carried out online. It allows you to work in a Smart working regime and choose where and when to use it. Clearly, like all jobs that can be done from home. You need to be highly disciplined to be productive and avoid distractions and other small businesses’ joint problems.

It is not to be underestimated. Then, with online marketing, it is possible to reach a potentially huge audience. Even if you decide to invest little from an economic point of view.

To learn digital marketing, you can enroll in a Post Graduate Digital Marketing Certification Program from Simplilearn

Types Of Digital Marketing

Choosing the type of online digital marketing to undertake is fundamental to deciding the kind of strategy to adopt. Obviously, the target you want to reach. Below you will find the main activities you can carry out to do online marketing: consider them all and then choose the ones that seem to be best for you. If you want to know, how to learn digital marketing? You must need to know about the types of digital marketing.

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Affiliate marketing

L ‘ affiliate marketing is one of the most common forms of online marketing, and you will likely have already heard. Its operation is relatively simple: a commercial agreement is entered into between an advertiser, or a company that is interested in selling a product or service, and an affiliate, who has the task of promoting the advertiser’s product.

Between these two subjects, there is usually a third, the affiliate platform, which acts as an intermediary dealing with tracking conversions and the remuneration due to the affiliate. Therefore, the latter’s task is to bring traffic to the advertiser’s page, generating conversions which, in many cases, are defined as CPA  ( Cost Per Action or Cost per action).

An example of an affiliate marketing program is  Amazon’s, specifically designed for those who have a website or blog and want to monetize it. To earn with affiliate programs like this one, insert sponsored links in your webspace: if a user clicks on them and makes (within the following 24 hours) the purchase of any product, the advertiser (in this case Amazon), the affiliate, pays a small percentage (which in the case of Amazon can reach up to 10%) on the sale generated. More info here.

how to learn digital marketing: Email marketing

Even ‘ email marketing is a solution worth considering if you want to do online marketing, as it has many advantages.

As can be easily understood, it consists of using electronic mail as a vehicle for commercial/advertising messages and is less expensive than sending paper material to its potential customers (even if the result that can be obtained is the same, if not potentially better).

It also allows you to track the messages sent and know the emails’ opening rates, the sales generated by them, and other interesting details. It also allows you to customize the message based on the recipient who receives it, establishing a “one to one” relationship.

The practice of email marketing, therefore, includes all those activities that involve sending email messages with the aim of acquiring new customers, retaining those you already have, and pushing them with a call to action or call-to-action to act (e.g., buy a product, subscribe to a service, etc.).

To send advertising messages, it is possible to use various services, such as the very famous MailChimp and CleverReach, which offer advanced tools to track your messages and conduct your email marketing campaigns. I told you about it in the guides that I just linked to you.

Usually, this kind of service is basically free. However, to access the “complete package,” which allows you to manage many recipients and take advantage of advanced features relating to data tracking, you need to subscribe to a paid subscription plan (which generally costs a few tens of euros per month).

Social media marketing

Since social networks dominate our era, social media marketing undoubtedly plays a vital role in the online marketing industry. Its success mainly depends on the fact that it allows companies and customers to interact with each other.

This offers benefits to both companies and end consumers: on the one hand, companies have the possibility of conducting targeted marketing campaigns, choosing the audience to reach and the budget to spend to succeed; on the other hand, customers can freely express their opinions on a certain product or service, commenting (and perhaps receiving feedback from whoever takes care of the company’s social page or profile).

As already mentioned, on social networks. It is possible to promote your paid products and services, launching targeted advertising campaigns. Which allows you to choose the audience you want to reach. This increases the chances of making posts visible to people who are really interested in the content. Proposed.

Making proper use of hashtags, or those words and phrases preceded by the # symbol used to “label” posts, can also help increase your visibility on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. To find out which hashtags to use, you can use services. Such as  Top Hashtag and All Hashtag, which allow you to easily identify the most popular and relevant labels for your posts.

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For more information on how to sponsor on Facebook, sponsor on Instagram, and use hashtags on the main social networks, see the insights I linked to you.

Content marketing

A form of marketing that must be taken into serious consideration is the so-called content marketing if you aim to generate a lasting relationship with your potential customers. As can be easily understood from its name. This marketing strategy is based on creating and sharing various kinds of content that keep the user informed on a certain topic.

This happens through articles, videos, podcasts,  guides, tutorials, seminars, webinars, infographics, e-books, and so on: through these contents. Which can also be shared for free (with paid options to access complete information). You achieve the purpose of attracting potential users interested in the subject matter and could become customers by purchasing paid content, products, and services.

In this type of marketing, therefore, the creation of quality content is the most important aspect. Once the contents to be offered to users, have been created. It is possible to promote them through email marketing campaigns, social networks, or your website.

how to learn digital marketing: SEO

Suppose you want to promote your website or your blog. One of the best marketing techniques you can rely on is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Generally, of all the other search engines, thus giving it greater visibility.

As insiders in this sector often say, SEO is not an exact science. For this reason, it is impossible to adopt precise strategies to position yourself at the top of the search results.

However,  creating quality content is certainly an aspect to focus on if you want to better advertise your website. First of all, because the users who read the content on it will be satisfied. This will favor good positioning on Google.

Once you have identified the keywords to use, enter the main one in the article’s title and repeat it a couple of times in the body. Be careful, however, not to fall into the practice of keyword stuffing, that is to say, obsessively repeating a keyword. Otherwise, you risk “tire” the user and penalize the article’s positioning in the SERP.

However, the positioning of a site knows that this will also depend on other factors. Such as its loading speed, optimization for mobile devices, compliance with Web standards. The presence of not too invasive advertising. I have explored these and other topics related to SEO in the book “Il Metodo Aranzulla.” I invite you to purchase to learn more about how to create a successful publishing site.

Digital PR

Do you have a new product, offer an innovative service, or are you a new brand? Time to let the whole web know!  Online journalists, and with the public on social networks. A digital PR strategy helps increase and improve a company’s reputation in online communities by giving brand visibility. If used properly, it has positive effects on SEO, conversion rate, and Roi.

how to learn digital marketing: Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing includes all those techniques to convert new visitors into actual paying customers and first-time customers into loyal customers.

Such as? Through a mix of data analysis, creativity, technology, and business. Put together. These components can give you the right inputs to increase conversions to your site. By reading the data, you will analyze all the components that have influenced your site’s interactions. You will thus be able to translate the collected data into structural changes to the site’s architecture and design. Finally, with A / B testing, you will optimize your site to accompany more users through the Conversion Funnel.

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Marketing Automation

The marketing automation allows you to automate the manual, usually marketing efforts through software as Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This software will allow you to optimize your web marketing strategies by qualifying your contacts, generating new sales opportunities, and speeding up the cycle.

Such as? Through the automation of repetitive actions. The updating and automatic segmentation of your database, managing the sending of your emails. Registering the contact points with your potential customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing includes those multi-channel marketing activities intended to directly reach the public on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It uses Responsive Websites (optimized for mobile browsing), GPS tracking, SMS, social media, and apps. It is a fundamental practice for a successful marketing strategy. Since 2016, the percentage of Italians connected to the internet via mobile devices is constantly increasing at the expense of those connected via desktop.

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