Simple Lessons if You Want to Work and Live in America


There may be so many who wish to travel abroad. Pursue and make all those dreams come true while there is still time. There are so many places that we can make a destination for work in America, austin, Texas, Los Angeles, Portland, and many others. What is the necessity and what is the motivation? Don’t ask me, but ask each of us. Each individual certainly has his desires and goals in life.

For those who wish to work in Portland, of course, there are preparations that we must prepare. Starting from self and mental preparation, as well as preparation of knowledge and language. To make things easier, portland staffing agencies will make it easier for us to find work.

So what things should we know at least in the first months or first years in Portland, America? I write it down on some big points.

1). Mentally have to be ready. 

The point is this, that in otherabroad countries you have to do anything yourself. If for example in Indonesia we have up to 3 helpers and 2 drivers, then don’t expect you to find helpers there. The people I know are just Manager and Director, they bring their own car to the office.

2). Learn the basics of English. 

Don’t underestimate mastery of the English language. We can’t just rely on our ability to speak Tarzan alone. There will be lots of obstacles if we can’t talk simple things in English. To a higher level, even then we must be able to understand the languages ​​of expressions or idioms commonly used there, including the various abbreviations often used by urbanites there, for example. Regarding various kinds of typical idioms in America, we can discuss them on a separate topic. Although I have often mentioned it in several previous writings. For example, which can be seen here

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3). Cars are feet. 

What is a prostitute, in abroad  America having a car is a must because without it we are like “dead” or will just be a parasite for other people, where we have to ask for a ride left and right. At least rent a car, or borrow a car and get paid per day is undoubtedly necessary so that we can survive. Except in some big cities such as New York, Chicago, California, and some places that have a lot of public transportation, it is okay not to have a car. Not a barrier. It doesn’t matter.

4). The ‘SS’ card is important. 

Well, for this one you should have, both those who wish to work, or those who are going to school (SS for student). What’s the point of this SS card? Lots. For example, among others, so that you can be accepted to work, get a good salary, and at the end of the year, you can do a refund to get the income tax. As a taxpayer, there is a fairly large incentive (reward) that will be received at the end of each year, yes the value depends on the size of the income we make during that year.

5). Saving and part-time work. 

This sounds simple, but it’s very crucial. Remember this is a land of people, you may not even have relatives and friends. And again, the cost of living is enormous. Indeed, in some places, you can be “free” from your longing for Indonesian food, for example in California, Florida, and New Jersey and Philadelphia. In some  abroad states, it is very easy to get Indonesian food. Indonesian restaurants are also easy to find in some of these places. The problem is the price is still expensive, already using the price measurement there. There it is. So if you can save money in terms of eating, it’s better to buy the ingredients and cook it yourself. Very much more to save. So learn to cook first to be steady.

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Why is part-time work important? Money is not everything, but everything needs money. Just imagine if you come from a mediocre economic family, who then gets the opportunity to go to school there, obviously, part-time work will be very helpful financially. Lots of opportunities for part-time work. For example, by being a deliveryman, working at a gas station, guarding the cinema, cleaning service, keeping a shop, and many other light part-time jobs. Don’t worry, all this work is lawful there and no one will laugh at you. In Jakarta, you may feel inferior about being a newspaper deliveryman, but you don’t need to be, as long as the job is halal. Is not it? And to be sure, working part-time like that in America, making your pocket money will be quite full.

6). Get to know the local culture. 

This is also what we must understand. abroad  America is inhabited by not only one race and culture. There may be hundreds of cultures melting into one there. Each culture is different. Nothing is the same, and neither should feel superior to one another. Respect for each culture is certainly important when you are abroad. More than that, we are also taught to respect the local culture in which we live. Where the earth is set, there the sky is upheld. For example, there are places where residents do not receive guests in their homes if they don’t make an appointment in advance. Yes, we respect. There are abroad places where they don’t want to take pictures in their village without asking permission first, for example where the Amish live. Yes, we respect. How little things like that should remain our concern.

7). Be aware of the rules. 

This is a very important thing that we sometimes underestimate. In Indonesia we are used to disobeying the rules, don’t try to disobey there. Littering, you can go to a cage. Violating road traffic, this is the worst, if not imprisonment you will be fined and get several points (minus). There is a limit where if your points have crossed a certain limit then the SIM will be “forfeited” aka invalid. Therefore carefully look at every rule and regulation. Another small thing, pedestrians (pedestrians) should be prioritized and never the car “against” these pedestrians. So if at a red light, there is a pedestrian light, if the pedestrian light is on, let the pedestrian pass. The pedestrian is the king of the road.

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