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Top 10 career opportunities after LLB degree


Bachelor of legislative laws is a three-year designed to hone their critical thinking skills of students for entering the legal profession. This undergraduate professional degree is sought by students to develop an understanding of the legal dialects, techno-legal practices, and other legal conflicts related to our community. This course covers diverse concepts of corporate governance, legal procedures, secretarial practices, cyber laws legal compliance, intellectual property rights, regulations of countries, and many other related theories of law. If you want to know more about LLB qualification and the ample career options that can be availed after graduating with a law degree, then you must go through the below-mentioned career options:  


  1. Advocate: Chief profession of graduates within this domain is advocacy. Practicing law in court as an advocate requires experience and some practical exposure which students can gain by working as an assistant or trainee for a senior advocate. They can explore different career options as an advocate with the choice of their specialization.
  2. Legal Advisor: LLB graduates are hired by different law firms, banks, corporate houses, and other private organizations to provide them legal advice. They mostly offer their services in terms of legal actions and practices so that an organization can make better decisions and avoid any legal complications.
  3. Judge: LLB graduates must go through some judicial examinations to be qualified for the role of judge. Mostly, they must listen to the testimonies in the court regarding a specific case and determine the guilty party for punishing according to the set laws.
  4. Magistrate: Magistrates are responsible for handling cases of less significance including traffic violations, theft cases, and other petty crimes. Their basic job is to ease the workload of a judge.
  5. Sub-judge: Their responsibility is to solve the civil cases in the court and make decisions on the behalf of the judge.
  6. Legal Analyst: The professionals hired in such roles evaluate a company’s operations by considering the legal procedures. They conduct analyzes and look for any potential threats, draft legal documents, and manage other financial law requirements.
  7. Legal Researcher: Legal Researchers are equipped with excellent researching skills to study different cases and look for advanced ways of winning that case. They mostly work on different case studies and document their expertise so that students can develop a deeper understanding of this subject area. 
  8. Writers: A degree of law will provide students with skills that allow them to look at a particular situation by considering different perspectives and come up with numerous other scenarios. This ability is a perfect fit for writing books, reports, and articles for different publications.  
  9. Criminal Lawyer: The experts dealing with criminal cases defend people who are accused of the crime in court. Their job is to find the witnesses, research, and defend their clients through their findings in court.
  10. Lecturer: Lectureship is one of the fulfilling career options for individuals who want to uplift society by nurturing the next generation with their in-depth understanding of the core values of Law. Students can opt for higher education programs like Masters, Ph.D., and post-doctorate to amplify their knowledge of this subject area and lead students to a better future by being part of their developmental stages in universities and colleges. 
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An undergraduate law degree will provide students with a comprehensively profound understanding of different laws with some practical exposure to work in a critical environment and prepare them for a professionally challenging industry. Therefore, LLB is the perfect choice for students who have a passion for helping people fight for their rights and want to develop expertise in this field.

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