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Humanities for Class 11th


Humanities subjects After your 10th boards, confused about which stream to choose? Well, students are offered to select from Science, Commerce, and Humanities. Science and Commerce do not provide wide options to choose from. In contrast, if you wish to become a lawyer, teacher, fashion/interior designer, entrepreneur, media person, and more, you must choose humanities as your stream. Humanities is the study of society at large, its behavior and culture.

 So let us look at what all Humanities subjects in class 11 students have to study and are covered under the syllabus on

Subjects of Class 11 Humanities

The choice of subjects for class 11 Humanities subjects is a buffet. Apart from the main subjects, they get to choose electives upon their preference. They can also have a combination of the subjects they like.  Let us look at the 11th Humanities syllabus below:


Class 11 history will revolve around World history and Indian history. The early societies, the industrial revolution, change in cultural traditions, and modernization paths are few chapters covered under the history of class 11 humanities.


The geography subject includes population, transport, flora and fauna, map studying in class 11.


Economics in simple language means trading of goods and supply. These are studied under two sections in class 11th– Microeconomics and macroeconomics.

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Study of human cognitive mind and his behavior towards society at large.


Sociology refers to societal changes, its development, social status, change in social culture, and more about rural and urban society.

Political science

The study of various government institutions, political parties, their interest, judiciary and legislature, and India’s Constitution is covered under class 11.

Usually, all these are compulsory subjects in the 11th humanities syllabus. It may differ from school to school, as well. Now, we will look at optional subjects from which students can choose from:

Informatics Practices

Knowing about software and hardware of computers regarding different programming languages and operating systems comes under the class 11 syllabus in Humanities.

Home Science

It is the subject teaching you all about family resource management, food, community and family relations, clothing, human development, and more.

Legal Studies

If you wish to take the legal route after your 12th, you must have legal studies giving you insight into all laws, rules, regulations, the Indian legal system, justice systems, human rights, and more.

Fashion Studies

Suppose you wish to become a fashion designer. In that case, you must know details about every fabric, the terminologies used in the fashion world, factors influencing the fashion industry, fashion regulatory bodies, etc.

Media studies

Mass media and Journalism are important aspects of India. What are all types of media channels, basic theoretical aspects to it, practical skills of presentation, communication, etc. comes under Humanities subject class 11.


If you are a number lover and want maths not as a core subject but for understanding for further studies, do take maths as your elective. The subject will focus more on algebra, probability, coordinate geometry, calculus, etc.

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Fine Arts

Wishing to pursue a career in Fine arts, then you must know about Indian Art & its history, sculptures, graphics, commercial arts, etc.

All these subjects are covered in Humanities class 11. Do choose wisely and according to the career path you will choose in future.

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