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What Are My Rights After a Truck Accident?

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Collisions involving semi-trucks are some of the deadliest types of auto accidents that anyone can be subjected to. Due to these vehicles’ sheer size and weight, crashes involving 18-wheelers often result in severe injury or death. If a semi-truck has struck you, you likely have devastating physical and psychological impacts to work through.

Still, know that you are not enduring this recovery on your own. Experienced truck accident attorneys are available to assist you in the aftermath of your collision and inform you of your rights in these circumstances. 

Exercising Your Rights After a Semi-Truck Collision

Firstly, know that, as the victim of a crash with an 18-wheeler, you have the right to take legal action against the negligent truck driver that caused your injuries. To do so, you will need to follow the guidance below:

  • Never agree to providing any recorded statements or signing documents that the local police department has not issued. Requesting such evidence from you is a common tactic used by legal defense teams and insurers used by trucking operations. The intent is to twist your words and use them against you so the company can avoid a payout. Avoid this at all costs, as it is your right to refuse to comply with such requests in the absence of a lawyer. 
  • Seek medical treatment immediately. Get treated for any wounds you may have incurred during the accident as soon as possible. When suing the negligent party, it is your right to recover compensation for the medical costs that mounted in the aftermath of the crash. Getting treatment right away is the start of developing your foundation of evidence for a strong case.  
  • Hire a truck accident lawyer. You have the right to legal counsel after your crash with the 18-wheeler. Make sure to take advantage of such protection as soon as possible. Trucking companies are defended by skilled legal teams that will do everything in their power to avoid compensating you for your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.
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Even after completing these steps as you work to hold the necessary parties accountable for your crash, you must still remain on guard. Trucking companies have been known to persist in their attempts to persuade victims or other parties to sign release forms and provided recorded statements. Remain vigilant and always consult with your lawyer following any attempted contacts from the company in question.

Get in Touch with a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

Having an experienced lawyer by your side is critical to protecting your rights in the aftermath of your truck accident. When you are unsure of how to respond to the aggressive tactics employed by the trucking company’s legal defense and insurance team, your lawyer will provide expert guidance on what to do and act as the liaison on your behalf.

Further, your lawyer will ensure that you recover the funds necessary to afford the precise medical care required or the funeral costs of a loved one in the case of wrongful death. Contact a lawyer today to hold the negligent truck driver responsible for their actions. 

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