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Social media is the most powerful tool of the twenty-first century. It is the way brands create relationships with their customers, and also build an audience that interacts with them regularly.

This makes it crucial that brands post about things that can hold people’s attention while being simultaneously related to their brand and its service/product. And for this you need to hire a reliable and best copywriting agency in Singapore which will create highly engaging and creative content for your social media posts.

So, in this short read, I will cover some answers to – ‘What types of social media content can businesses post on their social channels?’

  1. Blogs about you and other long form texts

Long form content is very popular and recorded data also shows that it has become more relevant than ever.

Well-researched, good-quality blogs and long-form articles answer specific queries that your target audience may be searching for. Having content that can address certain topics puts you in the eyes of the audience, and also increases customer loyalty as navigation of queries becomes easier.

But it is usually seen that social media users may not have the patience to go over a 1500+ word article. So you can highlight key takings of your blog and share it with links to improve the chances of interested readers clicking on your content. Platforms like Instagram also have ‘swipe-up’ links, which makes it easier for users to be redirected to your blog page.

  1. Content that educates

If you are seeking to have more than temporary traffic and mediocre interaction with your social media pages, consider adding more educational content. You can start by regularly posting industry updates, keeping your audience informed about the latest happenings in your industry, and painting your brand as a go-to source for useful information. These updates can range from latest developments, to product launches, to political decisions, and more. Another benefit of updating your audience with the latest industry news and tips is that you can capitalize and plan your business strategies on trending matters, and stand to gain leverage with regard to the larger industry.

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Adding educational content which is readily available in the form of industry updates and trending tips will also give a boost to your posting frequency. A good 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. Consistency will help you gather more leads over time, as compared to posting just once in a week or month.

  1. User-Generated Content

Delegating your content marketing responsibilities to an unlikely voice like your customer may seem quite odd. But the more a customer interacts with your brand, the greater their loyalty towards your brand.

User-generated content allows your audience to feel welcomed and cared-for, while creating more engagement for your brand. Reposting Instagram and Facebook stories where your brand is tagged, helps you reach multiple audiences. When brands repost customer-made content, the users feel appreciated for their efforts, participation and creativity, and they become excited to share this ‘feature’ with their friends and family on social media. Eventually, this creates more buzz around your campaign and more leads in the long-run. User-generated content requires an initial spurt of creativity from your side, and the follow-up work is mostly done by the customers themselves.

  1. Infographics

Infographics have been around for quite some time now. An infographic is a visual representation of data, presented in a fun and engaging manner. Infographics make use of bright colours, captivating images, and quirky fonts to make the content seem more appealing and easier to digest. When it comes to social media, infographics are easy to share and are more likely to be viewed, especially while people are quickly browsing through their feed.

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Luckily, you don’t need to hire a professional to create the type of infographics you need for your business. By using a platform like Visme or Venngage, you can gain access to free templates, images, fonts, and icons. You can also choose an appropriate style for your infographics from the hundreds of pre-made templates available on their platform.

  1. Videos

Videos posted on social media help you generate a buzz around your brand and provide you with opportunities to take breaks from written content. Videos can be shared easily, allowing you to bring in more viewers from a variety of platforms.

Some types of videos that can be shared online by your business:

  • Product videos – Videos that show the different features of your product and the benefits of using it. You can also include snippets of how the product works. Follow-up product updates videos are also engaging. Basically, an unboxing, but you are your own seller.
  • Explainer videos – These videos show how someone can solve a problem or fix an issue using your product or service or answer queries.
  • Promotional videos – These videos act as a personal invitation to your customers to attend any event or launch for your brand, while also showcasing your brand presence.
  • Teaser videos – If you are bent upon promoting a new launch or series, build up to the main event by creating short teaser videos for your social channels. These videos can also contain links that redirect the user to the main page of your product or service.
  • Educational videos – These could be advice, DIY guides or concept explainers. This kind of video content helps build brand credibility and also increases engagement.

Make use of creative tools available on the Google Play Store, to make good quality videos.

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