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Do You Know The Application Details For Visa 500? Quick Guide Below


Australia offers its overseas applicants to study for a period of up to 5 years? Wondering how? Well, to actualize this sentence you got to apply for the Student Visa 500 right now. This visa lets you study a full-time course in Australia. If you wish you can also include your family members in your visa application. To apply for this visa you can be both inside and outside Australia. You need to apply for the student visa 500 online. 

Essential Documents Required 

There are certain documents that you must submit invariably while applying for the student visa subclass 500. These include the following: 

  • An updated resume (authenticated by the local authorities) 
  • All the pages of the Household Registration Book
  • A substantial National Identity Card
  • The identification page of your Passport (additionally each page consisting of an immigration stamp or visa label for any of your visited countries) and
  • Your valid Birth Certificate 

These credentials form an indispensable part of your visa application. So, while applying for your student visa, make sure that you have uploaded all these documents. 

Submission of an Electronic CoE

At first you should be enrolled for a course of study comprising the CRICOS. Its fuller form is the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students. In this context, providing the Confirmation of Enrolment is a must especially if you are applying from outside Australia. This criterion is applicable for all the courses included in the CRICOS.  That apart, don’t forget to include your CoE codes in your visa application form. 

If you are inside Australia

Are you inside Australia and still want to apply for the Australian visa subclass 500 effectively? If so, then submitting the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is still required indispensably. You will get an exemption from the submission of CoE, but, only on a special ground.  This requires you to be a post-graduate research student to stay back in Australia to prepare your thesis. In this regard, the only document which you need to submit is a letter from your education provider. 

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Submission of the Genuine Temporary Entrant 

Submitting the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is also an essential part of your student visa application. Through this statement the Department of Home Affairs will ascertain your genuine intention to study in Australia. That’s why submission of the Genuine Temporary Entrant is considered as an indispensable part of your Australian visa subclass 500’s application.  In short, the GTE works as a lie detector. It helps in differentiating students coming to Australia to study and those with the intention to simply access the country. 

Things to include in your GTE

When filling out your application form, you need to attach your GTE along with. This will prove the DoHA that you are coming to Australia with the genuine purpose of studying. So, before you attach your GTE with your visa application ensure the inclusion of the following things there: 

  • It may happen that you had to travel to Australia before applying for your student visa. In that case, you need specify the reason and duration of your travel. 
  • The value that your chosen course will impose on you in future. 
  • The prospective circumstances which you may come across while staying in Australia. 
  • The circumstances which are encompassing you while you are residing in your home country.  

You should provide these bits of information in your visa application form along with a written statement. Besides, make sure that you have submitted all the necessary documents accompanying that. Conversely, never ever try to give any irrelevant bits of information out of post-haste. 

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Compliance with the English Language Requirements

 Most of the Australian courses are offered in English. So, you will have to have a reasonable understanding in English. So, you need to qualify in a relevant English language test by securing the desired score. After qualifying in your English language requirement, you need to provide substantial evidence related to that. Some of the English language tests which you can appear for can be considered below. 

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  • Occupational English Test: This test requires you to obtain the gradation of B in all the four areas of English. These include reading, writing, listening and speaking. 


  • Personal Test of English (PTE): The test of PTE requires you to obtain a score of 42 in total.
  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE): The test of CAE needs you to obtain a score of 162 in total. 
  • TOEFL iBT: Are you sitting for the test of TOEFL iBT? If yes, then make sure that you have obtained a score of 46 in total. 
  • IELTS:  The test of IELTS is considered the most important for any possible Australian visa. If you are appearing for this test, then, obtain a score of 5.5 in total. 


Compliance with the English language test is an extremely crucial part of the student visa 500 checklist for all applicants. So, before you apply check out this criterion and do comply with it effectively. 

Meeting the health requirements

Before applying for your student visa 500, you must meet all the health requirements effectively. You can undergo a substantial health examination through ‘My Health Declarations’. This is an electronically supported health service and using it is quite simple. Simply fill out the My Health Declarations form and make an account over there. After that provide the important details of your health and answer a few simple questions. After this you will be given a Health Assessment Portal (HAP) ID and a referral letter. 

What else? 

Then, provide this referral letter and HAP ID to your panel clinic. After this undergo the health exam successfully. After this you should opt for a valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and then apply for your student visa. Do provide your policy number while filling out your visa application form. Finally, make sure that the validity of your OSHC is quite similar to the validity of your student visa. 

The Verdict!

So, apply for the Visa Subclass 500 today? Before that don’t miss out on availing the unmatched Migration Services Adelaide to apply for your visa successfully.

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