10 Travel Essentials for Coffee Lovers


Packing light is important for a good travel experience. But for coffee lovers, packing is a nightmare as they can’t carry all the coffee brewing tools. Coffee is life for them. Not having proper coffee during travel makes them irritable and spoils the entire trip for them. But, this can be prevented from happening. Below are some travel essentials that you being a coffee lover should carry on your next adventure.

Manual coffee grinder

Coffee tastes best when brewed from freshly ground coffee beans. Adding a manual coffee grinder to your coffee travel kit will allow you to freshly ground beans wherever you are. The entire coffee market is flooded with innovative coffee grinders. These are ideal for both coarse-ground French press and fine-ground espresso. Moreover, they are compact and can be carried around effortlessly.

Temperature adjustable coffee mug

Innovation in the coffee industry has led to the design of temperature adjustable coffee mug. These mugs are sleek, simple in design, and have amazing features. Their main function is to cool down or warm up your coffee for up to two hours. Some of these mugs come with their apps and the temperature can be controlled remotely as well. Moreover, these mugs fit in the car holders also, so the next time you are going on a road trip, carry one of these with you.

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Coffee pods

Brewing coffee during travel is a tricky job as it is hard to find a bottle of cold brew. Flavored Coffee pods make this task simple and easy for you. These pods come with pre-measured coffee and are good enough to make a 40 ml Espresso. The coffee-making process is fast and doesn’t need much equipment. The pods are small in size and fit easily in your pockets or carry bags. The best part is that these pods are biodegradable, thus you would be generating less waste while traveling. Your contribution to carbon emissions will reduce.

Portable Coffee brew maker

Cold brew is currently the biggest coffee trend, so you should try it as well. It is simple to use and produces smooth, and flavorful coffee. The coffee brew makers weight around 1.2 pounds and hence are easy to carry around. If you are someone who wants to try something new, you must give it a go.


If you love the outdoors, then buying a thermos is a smart choice. The vacuum-sealed technology and the double-wall design keeps the coffee hot or cold or longer hours. The market is flooded with stylish, compact, and leak-proof stainless steel thermoses to buy from. Buy one of these and carry them on your next adventure, be it a trekking trip or a sightseeing city tour.

Chewable coffee

To save space, time, and energy while traveling, you can pack chewable coffee gummies to meet your coffee needs. These coffee cubes are made with cold brew coffee. This product is ideal for cyclists, hikers, and other outdoor adventure trips. These are also available in flavors like latte, mocha, pure drip, etc.

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 Hand-powered portable espresso maker

For traveling coffee lovers, a sleek, compact, and lightweight hand-powered espresso maker is an ideal choice. This device has a semi-automatic piston that extracts espresso at high pressure. It’s small enough to fir in your backpack or suitcase.

Reusable coffee brewer

The reusable Coffee Brewer is made from paper and is one of the best inventions in the recent past. The pouch comes with 8 gm of freshly ground coffee. You just have to pour hot water into the pouch, wait for a few minutes, and your coffee is ready.

All-in-one coffee maker

An all-in-one coffee maker incorporates all the essential coffee brewing tools into one portable and elegant device. This smart gadget has everything including a hand grinder, built-in filter, insulated cup, etc. It is ideal for outdoor use.

Reusable coffee filter set

If you love pour-over coffee, then you should consider carrying a reusable coffee filter set. This set will help you in making a lighter, smoother brew. Moreover, it is portable and easier to carry.

Who says you can’t enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee during your trip? Buy any of the items that you like form the list above and save your coffee experience from being spoilt.


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