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 Igatpuri There are many places in India which you can explore. Every city has its specialty and is different from others in terms of culture, history, traditions, religions, languages, etc. All these things make it unique and it fascinates the tourists to visit and know about them. But one thing is common in the people of India and that is their welcoming way. Indians are very warm and respectful with the tourists. There are many cities, small towns, etc which you can explore with your family and friends and undoubtedly you will have a great time.


India has many hill stations and every hill station is beautiful in its own way. Among many, Igatpuri is a small town and is one of the most visited places or frequent tourist destinations in the state of Maharashtra in western India. It is a small town which is perfect for everyone as this place has everything. Starting from adventurous treks to water sports like rafting, holy temples to beautiful mountains, it covers everything. This has everything that everyone can enjoy. Its natural charming environment will attract and call you again and again especially in the season of monsoon when you will get the best views to see. You will get stunned by the huge cascading natural waterfalls making their way from Sahyadri Mountains. And the best part of visiting Igatpuri is that it is budget-friendly and hotels are easily available according to your preference and budget. You will get hotels, home-like stay, accommodation, resorts, luxury stay and villas in Igatpuri very easily. You can even book your hotels online even before visiting to avoid any kind of disappointment.


Also, if you are looking for a weekend getaway, this is the best place to calm yourself. You can also go as a solo traveler and you will surely have an unforgettable experience. So if you are planning to visit Igatpuri, make sure to know about its culture, how to reach, attractions, stay, etc. Before visiting take online help to know about the attractions and make list on that to avoid any kind of rush. This will help you and clear your mind about what you want to visit first. So following are some of the points which will help you know about Igatpuri:

  • Location- Igatpuri is a small town and a hill station under the municipal corporation of Nashik District in Maharashtra. It is located in the Western Ghats. Igatpuri is 165 km away from Mumbai so you can easily travel by car, bus, or train. And Igatpuri is 250 km approx away from Pune. The best way to reach Igatpuri is from the train and you will have a hassle-free experience.
  • When to go- The ideal time to make a visit to Igatpuri is during the monsoon and winter season. During the monsoon season (June to September), the dense forest becomes green and the waterfalls get revived. You will see amazing views which you will cherish for a lifetime. In winter (November to March), the pleasant weather will just blow off your mind and the scenes are worth watching. The breezy air feels good to the mind and body.
  • How to reach- If planning by air, the closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport which is in Mumbai. From Mumbai, you can further reach by train or by car. Igatpuri has its own railway station which is Igatpuri railway station. It is well-connected with all the states, cities, and towns. There are many private and government busses running to Igatpuri and it has a huge network of making you reach your desired place.
  • Culture-Mostly the people in Igatpuri speak Marathi. Some of the common languages are Hindi and English. Every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. The ancient technique of meditation is taught and it is widely known for that. You will also find many cultural places in Igatpuri which reflect about their cultures and beliefs.
  • Attractions- There are many forts, lakes, waterfalls, trekking sites, water adventures, and sports, etc to enjoy. One of the famous places is Vipassana International Academy which is known for teaching the ancient technique of meditation. This is also known as Dhammagiri. It is one of the largest meditation centers in the whole world. One who loves meditation visits this place around the world for 10 days meditation course. There are many known forts such as Brahmagiri fort, bhandar durg, mahuli fort, bhopatgarh fort, etc. These are amazing places for experience and history seekers and are best for wanderers. Museums like pradeshik Vastu sanghralay, mudra sanghralay, etc are also quite famous and are a center of attraction. Except these, you will see huge mountains and water cascades which look very mesmerizing. Bhatsa river valley, camel valley, etc are best for sight-seeing. Temples like amruteshwar temple, ghatandevi temple, etc are very old and ancient and have great beliefs.
  • Hotels- You will find cheap and high rated hotels very easily in Igatpuri. Many hotels are located at very calm and peaceful places which are far away from the noises and pollution of the city. You will find resorts, villas, 5-star hotels, etc which will vary according to the price. There are many cheap hotels as well if you are low on budget. Make sure to choose one according to your choices as some prefer to have in the central location whereas some prefer to have in some peaceful places where they can calm themselves. You can book your room prior to avoid any kind of disappointment. You can take online help as there are numerous websites that will help you out to get the best room based on your budget and preferences.
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So above are some of the important information you need to know about Igatpuri. Make sure to know about all the places and attractions which you wish to visit. Mark all the destinations so it will be easy for you. Also, it is advised to carry cash instead of cards as you will not have access to ATMs or online payment everywhere. 

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