5 Disadvantages Of Fiber Internet

5 Disadvantages Of Fiber Internet


Fiber internet service brings faster internet speeds, more bandwidth and better reliability than other internet types. Industry experts say fiber internet is the internet of the future and if you have fiber internet available in your neighborhood, it’s an excellent choice. However, through all of its advantages, there are some disadvantages too. Before signing up for internet service, beware of these 5 disadvantages of fiber internet.

  1.       Limited Availability

Fiber internet is the newest and fastest type available on the market today. Unfortunately this also means that it’s not nearly as widely available as cable or DSL internet.  Building out the necessary infrastructure takes time and money, however if you live in an area where fiber internet is nearby, you may be in luck soon. Contact that internet provider to find out if they have plans to come to your neighborhood.

  1.       Lengthy Construction Times

Fiber optic build out can sometimes take up to 2 or more years to complete. There’s tons of behind the scenes work that internet providers have to do to start installing their services in your neighborhood. If they’ve announced that they’re coming to your neighborhood or even your city, just be patient.

  1.       Expensive To Install

Installation is costly and is more involved than DSL or cable internet. Oftentimes fiber internet providers do not offer free installation like other types of internet. Even though there’s often an upfront cost, it still can be the best option for your household. When you sign up, ask your new provider if they have any new customer deals running. You may be surprised to hear what they have to offer you.

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The reason why it costs more than the rest is there’s much more for the technician to do when they arrive. With fiber optic installation, the technician will need access to inside and outside your home. Generally speaking technicians will need to install an ONT box inside or outside your home. It’ll connect your home to the closest equipment box in your neighborhood. Once that’s all set, the next step is getting your modem router combination set up. This entire process takes between two and four hours.

  1.       Expensive Monthly Rates

If you’re looking for the cheapest internet or TV plan available to you in your area, fiber optic likely isn’t for you. Internet plans can range anywhere from $50-$100 per month. No one wants to pay more for the internet unless they have to, but if you’re looking for a great rate for fast speeds, fiber optic will likely be a great option for you. You’ll just have to weigh out what is more important to your family right now. If your family is really pressed for cash, it’s worth checking out low income internet options if you currently qualify for any government assistance.

  1.       Can Be Damaged Easily

Fiber optic cables are small and are thinner, lighter and unfortunately more delicate than other types of wiring. When doing building renovations or rewiring, your contractors must be as careful as possible. Cutting even one stand by accident can disrupt service not only for your home or business but for many in your neighborhood.

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