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A Little Bit About One Of Our Utiee Product Lines: Kevin Murphy


Utiee collaborates with different hair care brands. We choose Kevin Murphy not only because of its eco-friendly formulations and the possibility to give your hair salon treatment at home.

Kevin Murphy – the creator of the brand is a world-famous top stylist and headliner of Australia Fashion Week. He was working with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, and other glossy magazines around the world. Kevin studied hairdressing with the best masters of the Vidal Sassoon Academy. By the age of 22, he was able to buy the Smithers salon, where he began his career. In the Smithers lab, Kevin came up with lavender hair cream, body lotion, and styling products. This is how today’s bestsellers Easy.Rider paste and Anti.Gravity volume lotion appeared.

Kevin got an idea to mix the eyeshadows with a styling gel and apply it to the models’ hair. After the creation of this product, Kevin received the title of “father of beach styling”, and his product was named Hair.Resort.

The popularity of Kevin Murphy’s cosmetics grew, and together with specialists of biochemistry and aromatherapy, he began to work on a natural hairline. Kevin noticed that styling products were destroying the hair of models, that’s why he decided to concentrate on creating natural hair products. And he succeeded! Nowadays Kevin Murphy products include the best herbal ingredients in Australia.

Another important principle that formed the basis of the brand’s philosophy is environmental protection. Kevin Murphy products are cruelty-free and have environmentally friendly formulas, it contains only safe and natural ingredients. Moreover, the brand does not buy raw materials and products from organizations that harm animals. The products are so safe that they are suitable even for children from three years old.

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We highly recommend you to try out the most popular Kevin Murphy products/lines:

Repair.Me is a very cool restorative line that will replace the salon care at home. It includes shampoo, balsam, and other cleansing care products. The brand has developed a formula based on proteins of green peas, acai berries, shea butter, and papaya extract. Bleached hair loses a lot of trace elements, so such a powerful restorative tool is simply necessary for the health of your hair. It will become stronger, shine, and stronger.

Smooth.Again is the best for fuzzy and porous hair. Monoi and murumuru oils will give your hair smoothness. Shampoo and conditioner of this line make hair softer, smoother, and curly hair acquires a more defined and neat curl. Smooth.Again products provide shine and intense hydration as well.

If you are lacking root volume, Angel Shampoo and Conditioner is the best decision for you. They give volume and thicken fine hair.

For styling try out Doo.Over spray. It can be used: as a powder to create a voluminous and airy texture; as a varnish for a light and flexible hold; and  like wax to make hair shinier.

An absolute hit and the best finish for any styling – Shimmer.Shine spray. In addition to moisturization, it leaves beautiful shimmery particles and a pleasant sweet scent on the hair.

You can order all Kevin Murphy products on our website,

At Utiee, we care about your natural beauty!

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