Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Accounting Software for Small Businesses


Business is perhaps the most ancient profession on the planet. From the very beginning of civilization, people started exchanging goods for goods. This is where the business started. People quickly realized that to survive in a diverse nature. They would have to help each other. This created a revolution. Here we will give you a complete guide about best accounting software for small businesses.

Back then, people used to exchange goods in return for goods. Suppose you have 10 kilograms of rice. But you are in want of wheat. Your family can easily survive with 5 kilograms of rice. So, you can spare the extra 5 kilos.

On the other hand, one of your neighbours has 15 kilograms of wheat, from where he can swap 5 kilos. He needs rice; you need cereal. The solution is simple, exchange the goods with each other. This is how the process of exchanging goods started.

After the money revolution, people set a standard to maintain during the exchange process. These are sort of bonds that will eventually grant something worth your efforts. This is how money and business started collaging with each other. Time went by; human civilization went on to be more and more powerful. This also expanded the way of companies. In the modern era, business is a vital portion of our survival.

Modern Day and Business

Now, you are all set to launch a small business of yours. That is pretty good. You are an entrepreneur now. With your hard work and dedication, I am sure that you can easily pull off the project pretty nicely. But in modern days, managing a business has proven to be a bit tough. And as a business owner, you will face all the pressure of the project. This will become suffocating if you are not the type of man who is willing to take challenges. So, the essential thing is to have confidence and will power. This will make you smoothly run the business.

Now, coming back to the point, you are in the captain’s deck. You will be maintaining everything for your stake as an owner. But there are times when you will need support. Especially in the accounting sector.  The accounting sector can be ahead smasher for some as the numbers are pretty complex and require a full concentration. But as an owner of the small business, you are facing a hard time maintaining all things at once. But there is not enough luxury for you to hire an accountant just yet. So, what will you do now?

Accounting Software

There are countless times when the numbers drive you insane. In the world of computing and modern expansion, you will be able to take the accounts dept. And digitalize it. Yes! By means of this is that you can have your very own accounting software.

Now, there is a storm of questions going inside your mind. And those are, how much does it cost? How will I operate it? Will it be beneficial? Is it cheaper and efficient than a human accountant? I will answer all the questions for you in the upcoming sessions.

Why do we need an Accounting Software?

To be specific, accounting software is one of the primary software for business solutions. This remote team management software will allow you to handle all the accounting processes for your businesses. The reason behind your need for accounting software is this is pretty much on point and accurate. It will give you the exact numbers for all the accounting processes of your business. From sales to stock to daily sales or monthly turnover, VAT and tax calculation, and all the operations that have numbers are the inclusion of this software.

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How much does it cost?

The price of accounting software depends on many criteria. The need, solutions, functionality, accessibility, user interface and a lot of other prospects ties up and differs the pricings. But good for you, there is much free software that is available on the internet for you. Also, if the software will have a database, it will cost you separately for the database. The database could be either online or offline.

All of these preferences are taken into count, and the estimation of the pricing is given. In my experience, you will get a fair and reasonable deal within the 25 to 35 US Dollar mark.

Is it Reasonable?

Suppose you are running a small business where the profit margin is limited. Then this is going to be the lifesaver for you. As you guys can see, this one will save you in three specific ways, first of all, the obvious one. Your data and transactions will be securely stored. The second one is that it will save you a hell lot of time. And the third one is that it will keep you from making an additional cost for an accountant.

From a human resource point of view, this is killing jobs. But that is clearly not the ideology we will be following at this moment.  So, it is reasonable and affordable for you at the same time.

There are a wide range of software out there which will be beneficial for your small business. The accounting software for small businesses will allow us to ensure financial stability and maintain a healthy and efficient workflow.

After detailed research and personal experience, I have come down to this list of some accounting software for small businesses. This software is described in a detailed manner in the upcoming segments. The discussion will help you to follow a steady plan for the accounts section. On the other hand, you will be able to choose one for your business as well.

Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Here is the list of the top four best accounting software for small businesses:


FreshBooks accounting software is a great solution for accounting. Especially when you are running a small business. There are countless times when you are going to need to send and print invoices. On the other hand, you will have to have all the records of the transactions as well. Then this software is the best one for you.

FreshBooks has a unique way of handling things. Especially invoicing. With some simple clicks and adjustments, you will be able to generate a good invoice. In addition, this is a smart software that will allow you to have the billing date and time in the invoice. It also has a billing reminder system. So, it tracks the transactions of the customers for you. It reminds the customer of the bills. Also, it can count late fees as well. All of these are components of a typical invoice making software. But all these features, along with the accounting solution, is provided by FreshBooks.

Speaking of accounting solutions, this is a lifesaver. It can connect your transactions to the bank; you can also make specific reports and statistics. It will help you keep track of things that will make you more productive.

This is an ideal software for small businesses and freelancers who are into invoicing and receiving payments on a regular basis. This is pretty much efficient, and the pricing is also competitive. This year, the newest addition is the iOS version of the accounting software for small businesses.

QuickBooks Online by Intuit

If you are in the US and looking for a good solution, then this is the one to go to. This is perhaps the best of all the rest on the list. That is why this is extremely popular in the US regions. But what makes this so special?

Just because it is loaded with all the essentials that you will need in a specific accounting job, research says that this will save you up to 40 hours of accounting tasks every month. Forty hours can worth a lot if you are smart enough.

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So, basically, this software is all of the places. In a good way, though. So, even if you have a group of workers in your crib, this software is known to all. So, learning is not that complicated anymore. In addition, the UI is very interactive. So, even if you are a first-timer, you will have a good time with it.

Accounting has never been so smooth and elegant before. Another possible aspect is that this version of the software is extremely affordable and can be found in competitive pricing. So, if you are in the US or not, it does not matter anymore. A good UI leads of functionality, comfortable, efficient and affordable; these are the basic needs of a small business owner. So, this is undoubtedly the best ever software for you in the long run. I definitely recommend this to you.

KPMG Spark

This one is an unusual entry, but certainly very efficient. This software allows you to maintain accounting for the employees as well as the sales. The basic sales facilities are ordinary. But the main addition is the employee facility. You will be able to keep all the records of your employees. On the other hand, you can issue paychecks, daily payment sheets or hourly rates with this software. The efficiency comes with amazing support from the company itself. As I speak, the KPMG spark has 3500 employees that ensure an excellent software backup.

So, if you want to save some fortune in the bookkeeping section, then this software is clearly for you.

Let us move on to the next software. I bet things are getting interesting as we move on further.

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Zoho Books

Do you think that your small business can be the next big thing in your community or in your country? Do you think you will be able to create an empire out of it? If yes, then this is the software for you. You are just kidding! This software will not tell you the secrets for better sales, or this cannot ensure your good feedback for your products. You will have to do the hard work. You will have to be confident, and your will power should be absolute. If you pull these things off, then your business might get big, and you will be the king of your own empire.

But what will Zoho Books do for you in that case? Let me break it down for you. Zoho books will allow you to run the small business in a steady manner. On the other hand, when your business will grow big, this will still support you.

But the main issue in the market now a day is that the accounting software for small businesses is old school. Mainly I am talking about the interface. The User Interface sometimes will give you a dull feeling. I know accounting is not a joke, and it requires focus. But there is no shame for asking more and more advanced features. This time Zoho Books fulfills the desire. In addition, the interface is also eye-pleasing as well. So, basically, you are killing two problems in a row.

In a competitive and affordable price, Zoho Books is certainly a great pick for small business holders.

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How to Pick the Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses?

So, here is the big question, what to choose and which one to choose for your small business. First of all, you will have to be pretty sure about your needs. You will have to keep in mind that there will be possible additions in the near future as well. So, judging all these factors, you will have to pick the software which will suit you and your needs.

But you will have to keep an eye on the pricing as well. It is pretty easy to lose track. And accounting software is not something that you will buy every day.

Pulling Down the Curtains!

So, that was all for today, folks. I hope this article will help you a lot. Please hang in there. You are an entrepreneur. And an entrepreneur never gives up!

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