What are the best ways to grow your app?


Do you know that 77% of the app users uninstall an app only after using it for three days?

Growing your app is indeed challenging. And acquiring new users is not that easy in this competitive market. But, there is always a way, and everyone has to start somewhere.

So, let’s look at the ten best ways to grow your app seamlessly…

  1. Utilize video previews

App preview videos autoplay on the App store. You would be able to find it both in the product page and search results. Hence make the most of that video to grab the attention of the users. Thus, keep a few things in mind while curating the video. Give a strong start, show something interesting and attractive.

  1. Localize the app store listing

Localizing your app store listing is a must. Localization means an act of customizing your app into the local culture, such as local language, the dialect of the respective country or region. Hence, you give the option to your users to transform the app into their native tongues like Spanish, Italian and others.

  1. Find relevant keywords to boost download

It would help if you did vivid research on finding the right keywords of your app so that it allows the app to come up in the search results quickly. Suppose you have a Fashion & Jewellery e-commerce site. So, what you ideally should do is find out the right keywords that describe your app.

Also, check out the keywords which would bring you more downloads, or which kind of keywords perform better related to conversion rates and retention rates as well.

  1. Go for a powerful referral program
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Referral programs are nothing but referring your app to the people and singing it benefits along with it. Good reviews and recommendations work very effectively when coming from family and friends. Thus, a referral program is a good trick which always works.

In this way, the existing user will benefit when he refers your app to his acquaintances, and your user base will grow seamlessly.

  1. Try App monetization Ideas

App monetization is yet another great way to earn money from your app. There are several app monetization tips which could let you unlock a stream of revenue, such as adopting affiliate marketing programs, selling your ad space, integrating your platform with a popular ad network and more.

So, go ahead and pick the best-suited app monetization strategy for you and keep monetizing your app effectively.

  1. Take part in Search Ads

Do you know, Google reveals that every 1 out of 4 people discovers a new app by using search engines only. And to your much surprise, an app store is the only place to find new apps. According to Google, search ads drive around 50% of the app downloads as compared to other mediums.

Hence, by using a relevant ad campaign, you can easily target the users who are looking for apps that instantly match your app characteristics.

  1. Render an excellent Customer Experience

Customer experience is something which helps you retain your old users and aids you in making new users too. You must deal with your users in such a way that they never lose interest or get bored with your app and leave. Give them the best experience when they are spending time on your app. Make the options readily available, make your app user friendly and make sure to have personalized interactions with them.

  1. Send highly effective push notifications
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It is another best way to engage and retain your users. Suppose someone has installed your app and used it for a couple of times and left it. So, to make them return to the app again, you need to send a push notification carved with a special offer or a personalized message. And there your user will be back also on your app. When you give a robust push notification to your user, not only the chance of retaining the user increases but the chance of conversion is also highly relevant.

  1. Ask feedback from your users

Feedbacks are essential for any kind of app or business. Few words of appreciation or criticism will help you get back on the track. You will know your strengths and shortcomings. Hence it would help you make the changes respectively.

  1. Make your presence in the Social Media

Social media is one of the powerful sources of media nowadays. Every kind of business is making their company viable in social media. So, why should you be left behind?

Put up a page in social media and promote your app among the people. Mostly it is free. Therefore without any initial cost, you would be able to drive engagement of your app from social media. All you need to do is make a page on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and start posting about your app, what are its superior features, how it works, etc.

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