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Effective Ways to Use Explainer Video Strategy in Your Real Estate Business

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Sydney is one of the expensive cities in Australia. As per recent news, a Point Piper mansion in Sydney was sold for $95 million in September 2020. The property was ranked as 3rd most expensive property in Australia.  However, to get better prices, real estate businesses need to generate interest in buyers and showcase the property in the best way possible. 

Here we have discussed effective ways to use explainer video strategy in your real estate business. 

What Is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is not a video shot from your camera. It is a work of graphics that are designed to highlight different aspects of the video.  If you have multiple properties and looking for the right clients, you can create explainer videos to provide in-depth views of the property’s most attractive areas to prospective clients. 

Here is the explainer video strategy you need to follow to get maximum benefit. 

Focus on Pain Points

The pain point could be one of the problems the prospective customer might be experiencing.  With an effective and well-produced explainer video in Sydney, you can show real estate as a solution to their problem.  Some of the common pain points that real estate business can focus on are

  • Productivity Pain Points 

Your prospective clients are wasting too much time visiting properties that don’t click.

  • Process Pain Points

The prospective clients want the process to go smooth, and the explainer video demonstrates you make the process simpler for clients, but they didn’t know it before watching the video. 

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Unique Selling Points

Do you know Sydney has some of the most expensive suburbs in Australia? According to the latest market reports, Darling Point in Sydney is the most expensive house to buy in Sydney.  It is only four km away from CBD, and the median sale price of the house in the area is around $7.7 million. 

Apart from choosing the right agency for explainer video Sydney, you need to focus on its unique selling points when selling a real estate property.  It will help you distinguish from other real estate properties.  However, you need to explain how your real estate company is different from other businesses in Sydney.

The explainer video should have an eye-catching format, vivid images, smooth transitions, and a test. In short, the explainer video should show the way you work that gives your prospective clients something to remember. 

List Benefits 

The Sydney real estate market has remained strong and shown consistent growth over the last four decades. The 2020 Corelogic report states a plus 3.73% change in the Sydney Home Value index in 2020. In 2019, the houses reported a +4.95% change in the home value index. 

Most real estate business makes a mistake of creating explainer videos focusing on features and not on benefits.  It is often problematic for a prospective customer to understand the benefits by looking at the features.  If you focus on benefits, the message will be delivered directly and save everyone’s time. 

Build Trust 

According to real estate experts, the Sydney real estate market is a buyer’s market.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in expats looking to invest in the Sydney real estate market. Even the former residents of Sydney are returning to the city to purchase homes. 

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A house is a significant investment, and people don’t buy it more often.  You need to earn the trust of your customers and provide value.  It will encourage them to avail of your services.  In the beginning, it is sceptical for every customer to trust the realtor.  In a market full of competitors, one less-flattering story could send them to your competitors. 

You need to use the explainer videos to show testimonials and showcase your success. Besides being friendly, you must prove to your clients that you can help them find a dream house in Sydney at the right price.

To sum up, these are some of the effective ways to use explainer video strategy in your real estate business.

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