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10 Best Gift Ideas for the Basketball Lover in Your Life


Did you know the 2021 NBA Finals averaged over 16 million viewers during their games? In this blog, you will know 10 Best Gift Ideas for the Basketball Lover in Your Life.

If one of your loved ones is among the millions of basketball fans around the country, you might be considering basketball-themed gifts for their birthday or the holiday season.  

This guide will discuss some of the best gifts for the basketball lover in your life. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

  1. A Mini Basketball Hoop for Their Room

Personalized basketball gifts are some of the most thoughtful gifts you can choose for a friend or family member.

If your child wants to redecorate their room in a basketball theme, a mini basketball hoop with their name on it is the perfect addition. You can personalize the mini hoop with a nickname or favorite jersey number as well. 

You can place the hoop above their bedroom door. Make sure you also include a mini basketball in the gift so your child can have fun practicing their throws in the comfort of their room. 

  1. An Adjustable Basketball Hoop 

An adjustable outdoor basketball hoop is the perfect gift for the player in your life. Whether your child wants to improve their game during the off-season or your best friend loves shooting hoops after work, they’ll enjoy this gift. 

This basketball hoop can also be used for family game days spent outdoors. Since the system is height adjustable, anyone can play using this kind of hoop. This portable basketball hoop is also easy to move if you need to take it to a new location. 

  1. Their Favorite Basketball Player’s Jersey

Basketball fans are loyal to their favorite teams. Players are heroes to the super fans. This is why a favorite player’s jersey is the best gift you’ll give. 

You can buy official team jerseys on the NBA website with the player’s name and number. The price will vary depending on the team and player.

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Consider framing the jersey so your friend can display it proudly on their wall. You can also consider having your friend wear the jersey and surprise them with tickets to a game. 

  1. A Light up Ball Is a Fun Gift 

A light-up basketball is a fun gift idea for the basketball player in your life. A ball that lights up in the dark will make a nighttime game a lot more fun. 

This is a great gift for your kid that loves playing basketball after school in the evenings. There are many options to choose from like a ball that glows in the dark. 

You can also choose a basketball that lights up in different colors as it’s being bounced. This is probably the best gift option for your younger kids. You can choose a light-up ball that’s battered powered too. 

  1. A Basketball Themed Hoodie 

What describes the holiday season better than a warm and cozy sweater? A hoodie that keeps you comfortable and snuggled up. This is why a basketball-themed hoodie is the perfect holiday gift. 

A classic black hoodie with basketball imagery is a great gift on its own, but you might also consider an official NBA hoodie from your loved one’s favorite team. This will surely be their favorite Christmas gift this year. 

  1. Basketball Books for the Avid Reader

Other basketball gifts you should consider are books all about basketball. If your loved one is also a big reader, they might enjoy reading about the lessons legends in the sport have learned over the years. 

The book Wooden by Seth Davis is the biography of John Wooden. He is one of the best basketball coaches in the sport’s history.

My Losing Season was written by Pat Conroy, a former basketball player. In the book, Conroy recalls the trials and tribulations he went through as a player.  

  1. A Coffee Mug From Their Favorite Team 

A coffee mug with the logo of their favorite basketball team is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who’s also passionate about basketball. You can also choose a tumbler with their favorite team’s logo. This way they can take their coffee and team spirit to work. 

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A personalized mug for your favorite basketball coach is also a thoughtful gift you should consider ordering for the holiday season. 

  1. Basketball Knee High Socks 

The best basketball gifts are often the small ones that show love for the sport. A pair of basketball-style knee-high socks make a great stocking stuffer for the basketball lover in your life. 

Your friend can wear these socks around the house or while they’re out at a game. Choose from a variety of colors for every member of your friend group that loves basketball. 

  1. Basketball Video Games 

A lot of fans of the sport are also big video game fans. Choose a basketball video game as their birthday gift so they can enjoy both of the things they love the most. 

Your kids will have a lot of fun playing the game on weekends. Depending on the game, there are options to play in teams. This way the whole family can join in on the fun. 

  1. The Perfect Basketball Shoes 

The basketball fanatic in your life will be so happy to receive a high-quality pair of basketball shoes as a gift. Whether they want to improve their game on the court or look great when they’re out, the Jordan 5 is the perfect shoe. 

There are many different color combinations to choose from for every basketball fan. 

Choose These Gifts for a Basketball Lover

If you want to find great gifts ideas for the basketball lover in your life, you’ll find great options on this list. Choose from light-up basketballs to team jerseys to the perfect pair of basketball shoes. 

Check out some of the other blogs on our site for more gift ideas. 

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