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Olive Skin Tone | One of the Loveliest Tone


Find out more about olive skin tone. Human skin tone comes in a variety of colors. There are four basic skin tone namely pink skin tone (light), yellow skin tone (light or medium), olive skin tone (medium) and brown skin tone (dark). The color of the skin is basically due to the presence of melanin in the skin and natural skin has variation which is purely due to genetics. Some people may not like the skin tone that they have; either they want it to be fairer or darker. One may achieve a fairer color skin by using skin lightening products available in the market. On the other hand, the skin can be darkened as a result of tanning from the exposure to sunlight. However, the results will depend on individual skin type, skin conditions, diet and lifestyle.

Olive skin tone will be discussed in this article. This type of skin tone basically describes the skin color ranges of some indigenous individuals from the Mediterranean and some other parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. This particular skin tone tends to be medium to dark in color with yellow undertones. It got the name as such for its olive hue or sun tanned appearance. There are many celebrities with olive skin tone like Paula Abdul, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez. It is considered as one of the loveliest color which is desired by many. Thus, most beauty product companies have designed several makeup products and hair colors for olive skin.

There are several tips on olive skin tone makeup, besides the widely available range of olive skin makeup. Most makeup tips will encourage those with olive skin tone to opt for the yellow and orange undertones while applying makeup foundation to the skin. The reason for this is to bring out the natural beauty of the olive skin. The usage of the right makeup products can help to enhance or highlight the natural beauty. As for lipstick, semi dark shades suits the complexion of olive skin the best, such as the corals and plums. For eye shadow on olive skin, options range from bronze to copper or gold and purple.

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Olive Skin Tone | Lovely Skin Tone Desire by Many

Besides makeup, olive skin tone hair color selection is also important. A hair color should be chosen carefully to which will go naturally with the skin tone. Most people with olive skin tend to have warmer undertones but this does not apply to all. Olive skin with cooler undertones will require a different approach when it comes to hair coloring. Generally, many agree that dark shades go well with anyone with olive skin tone  ideas, regardless of the warmth or coolness of the undertones.

People with olive skin color should know how to dress to highlight the color tone besides matching with suitable makeup and hair colors. Many criteria shall be considered in order to show off the nature of the olive skin tone, the color desired by most.

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