YowhatsApp risks that you should know to prevent

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YowhatsApp is the most popular and used instant messaging application in the world and you often find updates with new functions. But maybe sometimes you think it lacks something, that you are going to add other extras or it doesn’t fit into what you want to do in it. The use of applications such as Yowhatsapp is very common today. But does it bring any risks to you?

What is Yowhatsapp?

YoWhatsApp is a popular WA mod also known as YOWA/Ph.theleaker

YoWhatsApp is a popular WA mod also known as YOWA which has the killer feature and was developed by Yousef-Al-Basha. The app has a user interface like the WhatsApp App on iOS, and so you can experience the iPhone like the WhatsApp look and feel on your Android. You can lock WA without any 3rd party App Lock. It also has all the other important features including themes and comes with anti-ban features. Yo WhatsApp Mod is a Forked version of WA with Premium features fully unlocked. WhatsApp is the most popular instant internet messaging app for smartphones. YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the original application, best for performance. This APK is the perfect choice for WhatsApp users who want additional features in the official WhatsApp app.

It has all the features of the popular WhatsApp app but has an upgraded form. It adds a lot of functionality to your chat experience and fully responds to users in all admirable activities.

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YoWhatsApp mod version is embedded with more classic features and functionality. It covers many issues including better user privacy and more customization options.

The risks of using Yowhatsapp

Problems using the MOD

Using this kind of cheated version of YowhatsApp without an official license can be very helpful in case we look for more customization options or if we will be using its new features, for example such as the option to send larger files or the functionality for most extended privacy includes. But it is also related to risk, which we must be willing to admit in case we want to use one of these MODs rather than the official version of YowhatsApp.

Prohibited on WhatsApp

Although most MODs try to include anti-ban updates in their apps, the truth is that if YowhatsApp forces you to use one of the unofficial modified versions, it may block the number of  friend. WhatsApp may expel you from their service temporarily or permanently, a major risk considering that you will not be able to contact your contacts again and you cannot return anyway.

YowhatsApp forces you to use one of the unofficial modified véions/Ph.yowayousef

If you are banned on YowhatsApp for this reason, you may not be able to return to the messaging app from the same phone number. Usually, the company warns you to uninstall what you have installed. It gives you a period of a few days during which you can uninstall the application and place a bet on the official version. If you fail to comply within that period, the ban may be irreversible.

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Security issues with your data

When you use one of these versions without an official license, you don’t know who is behind your data and your conversation, who can read them, who can take advantage of surveillance and usage. Your bank or personal data if you write them in a conversation. Just like the files they send you, they can be a gateway for viruses to your smartphone and render it useless.


Although YowhatsApp has it reduced at specific times, it works regularly and we have no problem with daily use. However, in these MODs, you don’t know whether they can guarantee you a stable service or perhaps an emergency message from a friend, family member or boss will hang up and be unrelated lost contact with you, with the damage this may cause. Although you give up some functions, it is better to use the official and non-risky application.

Yowhatsapp has many special features and functions that make many users love it. But going along with that will certainly have many unwanted risks. The above are some risks on Yowhatsapp, hope that it will help you.

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