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What is “Classified”? The Battle Royale map discovered in Modern Warfare Season 2!

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Call Of Duty fans are wondering what is behind “Classified”, and the Battle Royale map seems to have been discovered in Modern Warfare Season 2.

Activision launched Call Of Duty Modern Warfare   

Many players were surprised and upset by the size of the update giant. Players were also disappointed with the absence of Battle Royale, but your frowns could soon turn into smiles as the highly anticipated 200 players multiplayer mode may be hidden behind the new “Ranked” section of the menu. This seems strong to be the case with the mode map which would also have been discovered in the game.

Battle Royale was slated to be part of Season 2 of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare before it launched thanks to a huge collection of in-game leaks and reported screen loading data. However, the official roadmap and the very first trailer for season 2 both confirmed that multiplayer would not be available from day one.

Although the popular multiplayer is not part of the second season’s roadmap or trailer for the second season, it looks like it will be added to season 2 once the ranked section is revealed.

What is ranked in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2?

Season 2 of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has added a new section to the main menu called Ranked.

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There’s no official way of knowing what’s ranked, but it looks like fans of the 200-player Battle Royale mode have anticipated the launch of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2.

Cutscene in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2

As for why fans believe he is hiding Battle Royale, it’s because season 2 contains an opening cutscene that seems to be teasing the mode. This opening cutscene shows a group of soldiers jumping from an airplane on a huge map located around an airport. Not only that, but this airport is also surrounded by clouds of green gas.

Fans have interpreted this cutscene as a tease for Battle Royale because of games such as Fortnite and PUBG open with players jumping out of planes. In addition, these multiplayer titles also include deadly zones that force players to hide and take refuge in smaller spaces over time. And that’s what the green clouds of gas were judged to be.

It is important to clarify that Battle Royale is not a confirmed multiplayer mode for season 2 or Call Of Duty Modern Warfare as a whole. It’s still possible that it’s a free spin-off as a completely separate download, but at the same time, it seems more and more likely that the classified section will eventually become Hunger Games mode.

Modern Warfare Call Of Duty Battle Royale Card

The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2 Battle Royale card appears to have been discovered in the game. A YouTuber named Prestige Is Key claims that you can find the Battle Royale map in Call Of Duty by starting a private match on the Atlas Superstore, then entering COD launcher spectator mode (via IGN).

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This will apparently allow you to view the entire map, but it will be in low resolution. Again, this does not guarantee that the mode will be added in Season 2, but it is another strong indication that Classified will become Battle Royale.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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