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Comparison Among Two Tamil Best Classical Old Songs



Best Classical Old Songs Suppose if anyone asks you to choose the best song of the Tamil music industry of classical song, what did you reply? I think it isn’t very easy to choose or show a comparison. But we are delighted to inform you that we are come to solve your mind question and help you get the best comparison to listen to the songs which are really best among two Tamil songs.

In addition, we can say that there are many songs that are available online, which is a classical song category. You also get the songs, which are also available on the masstamilan website. It is a popular song downloading site in Tamil Nadu. To see our comparison result and listen to the songs more.

Paarthen Siritthaen

The song is collected from the movie name Veera Abhimanyu which is released in 1965. P. B. Sreenivos and P. Susheela sang the song, one of the best romantic classical Tamil movie songs. K.V. Mahadevan is the music supervisor of the song, and Kannadhasan is the lyricist of the song. A.V.M. Rajan and Kanchana have cast the songs, which is one of the viral and trendy songs of the old times. But the song has crosses 68k views on Youtube.

The movie of the song is a romantic type movie, and the movie gets enormous success at the box office. If the movie would release in 2000 or upper date, it will go viral stage than in olden times. V. Madhusudhanarao was the director of the movie, one of the minor points to become the songs’ viral. Sundharlalnehatha was the producer of the song and movie too.

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Thangaratham Vanthathu

The song was also released in 1965, and the song has become a viral song at those times.  The songs have also trending song than another song what we mentioned in the previous column. When the release the song on Youtube, it goes the instant viral song on Youtube, and the song was released on Youtube in 2014. Because the song when first published in offline, then there is no Youtube.

But later, when they released on Youtube, it crosses 168k views on Youtube. Dr.M. Balamurali Krishna and P. Susheela sang this romantic classical song, which music director was Viswanathan Ramamoorthy. Kannadhasan was the lyricist of the song, which is collected from the Kalaikkoil movie. So it is the popular songs and the first ranking song than first songs.


Though you have already known about this article that it is the comparison article between two classical songs of Tamil movies. We are trying our level best to compare between two songs. And we nominated the song is number two. And the song’s name is Thangaratham Vanthathu because it is one of the heart touchy classical Tamil songs.

I think you all should understand the article; if you don’t, then reread our article and see some logical point which indicates the Tamil classic songs. I think then there has no trouble with this comparison article.

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