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What Should You Expect from the Best Criminal Law Firms in Sydney 

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Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, Australia, and the most populous city in Oceania. Generally, Sydney is a safe city for visiting and living, except for a few cases of drug use, assaults, and crimes, especially after dark. There are specific incidents reported of domestic and non-domestic assaults, sexual assaults, attempted murders, robberies with or without arms, vehicle thefts, property damage, etc.

If you have been unfortunately involved in a crime and want to hire the best criminal law firm in Sydney, then here are a few things you can expect from them.

Factual Review of Your Case

Being a city in NSW, criminal law firms Sydney have to follow criminal laws applicable in New South Wales. Your attorney at the law firm will thoroughly study your case and get familiarized with the legal points before deciding whether to accept a bargain or fight at a trial. With this aim, the lawyer will review your case both factually and legally as per Sydney laws.

The legal review includes the following:

  • Review of charges to determine any legal challenges
  • Identification of any deficiencies in the charges
  • Determination of evidence subject to suppression

A factual review includes the following:

  • Discoveries in the case 
  • Review of documents provided by you
  • Interview of witnesses both in your favour and against you

Objective Advice

Once they review the case, they will give objective advice, pinpointing your case’s weak and strong points and possible options for the plea. At this stage, don’t get discouraged after knowing the bitter truth. By letting you know the facts, a lawyer can help you make an informed decision and show you the next course of action. Sugarcoating advice can be deceptive and damaging, as it is crucial to identify your weaknesses and risks involved in going for trial.

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Preparation for the Trial

If you have decided to go for trial in Sydney, then expect your law firm to advocate the case strongly to the jury. However, before doing this, they will thoroughly understand the prosecution’s evidence and prepare all your proofs and witnesses. 

Your law firm will spend some time preparing your witnesses for testifying. If you about to testify, the lawyer will practice the testimony with you and explain to you how to handle the cross-examination.

Great Communication

The lawyer that you select should be a good speaker and, at the same time, a great listener. They should listen to you and decide the best manner to handle your case. They should have excellent communication skills to negotiate any terms and conditions with the opposite party, whether it is an out-of-the-court settlement or a legal release.


While the criminal law firms Sydney handle your case, you may need to share some personal information with them. 14.52 Section 119 defines the client legal privilege in New South Wales. When a person obtains legal advice, their communication with the lawyer remains confidential unless the clients agree to disclose them. 

Complete Involvement

Unless the lawyers get completely involved in the case to resolve it, they will not try their best efforts to get the clients out. They should be concerned with your safety and act quickly to get you justice. With an understanding of the case’s impact on your life, they should give you the right direction and help you out. They should carefully study all the details provided by you and use them for your favour in the case.

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Apart from all these points, another expectation you can have with criminal law firms Sydney is easy accessibility. They should be available for your help whenever you need them to clear your doubts and answer your queries.


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