Double Trouble: A Bedroom Set That Adds An Office To The Bedroom

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Work from home comes with plenty of perks; being stuck at home certainly is not one of them. Losing already limited space in your home to a home office is another. There are plenty of solutions to the “home office” problem: creating a working corner in your living room, for instance, or converting half of your laundry room into an office. Perhaps the least intrusive solution, however, is to use your bedroom set to create an office within your bedroom. When anyone mentions loft bed, most people have flashbacks to college, but loft bedroom sets are no longer the rickety contraptions you grew to hate in school.

Contemporary bedroom sets are designed to accommodate the unique needs of any space, including smaller spaces where square footage is a commodity. These newer bed sets are created to be multifunctional. Essentially, they are intended to reduce the number of pieces of furniture you need in your bedroom by incorporating storage and other features. Some bedroom sets even include bookcases built into the bedframe!

For the purpose of building a convenient home office, however, the loft bed is ideal. The space beneath a lofted bed can be turned into just about anything, so why not an office? Of course, you are likely picturing yourself hunched uncomfortably under a space far too short to accommodate an adult’s full height; stop worrying! Modern lofts can be customized to your exact height preferences and arranged within a room; however they best fit the space, with flexible options for where the ladder is installed. Online retailers offer access to extensive collections and are a great place to buy bedroom furniture sets. Most lofts also include other built-in storage options, and loft sets are ideal for anyone looking to optimize their space. 

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How you plan to arrange your loft within your bedroom will be key to its success. Consider factors like light, especially if you will be regularly working from your under-bed office. Measure the floor to be sure the specifications of your chosen set will fit well, but also check the ceiling clearance. 

One of the added benefits of a complete bedroom set is that the extra interior design work is largely already accomplished for you. Rather than hunting for close matches in style and color, your pieces arrive matched and unify your bedroom without even trying. That said, with minimal furniture, you have more freedom and flexibility to bring your own unique style to your décor. A great approach is to identify a focal point, an element or even a work of art that will be the centerpiece of the room (not literally in the center, but the stylistic core.) From here, you can begin to incorporate accessories that support the overall atmosphere and style of the space without being forced to bring in any additional furnishings that might clash with the overall aesthetic. 

Do not overlook your workspace when styling your bedroom/office, either. While it must be functional, that does not mean it should not also be comfortable and an enjoyable place to be!

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