Exploring Email List Building System And Its Various Possibilities


You may have heard about the Instagram email list building system but may not know about the different possibilities of using it and the different benefits that it provides to businesses. If you can build such a system, you can direct your Instagram traffic to your emails and build your list. However, you will need to make sure that the system built is:

  • Targeted
  • Sustainable and

Therefore, before jumping into building an email list building system, you should learn a couple of things to get it right. First, you must know how you can:

  • Build more engaged followers on Instagram according to your specific niche
  • Build a list that is more responsive for your chief traffic source
  • Build a more persuasive landing page copy that will encourage the visitors to sign in to your email list
  • Automate the entire process to save time or by outsourcing your content creation needs overseas
  • Monitor and analyze all metrics and stats of your Instagram account to get vital insights and make the necessary amendments to improve the results
  • Create a lead capture page through writing copy and website hosting and
  • Develop a system that will help you to increase the number of Instagram followers and daily leads.

You will need to create a more powerful and better brand awareness that will encourage your Instagram followers to opt into your email list and make a buying decision.

Tactics and strategies to follow

Next, come the strategies and tactics that you need to follow to create your email list building system more easily and make it more effective. It is only then you will get a lot more email subscribers. These are tactics and strategies followed by all expert marketers such as Blastup and others when it comes to developing an email link building system.

  • Plan— You must have a clear plan and objective for growing your email list so that you save on your time, stay away from the false promises, and make your system work.
  • Roadmap – You must also have a clear and explicit how-to list so that it is easy for you to achieve your list building goal.
  • Consistency – Accountability is vital to consider while you build your email list and link building system. Therefore, be focused and consistent in your action.
  • Schedule – You must also have a specific schedule to follow, as that will help you to know how your system is working and stay on the right track.
  • Adjust – You should be open and make necessary adjustments to your plans and system because, rest assured, it will not remain perfect forever.
  • Evaluate – You must evaluate your system from time to time to know the progress of your email list building system and try new experiments to ensure that your progress is not slowed down or stalled.
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Remember, there are no shortcuts to success. Therefore, have patience because success will depend on the unique situations and your specific audience demographics.

Procedure to build an email list

The most crucial factor in building an email list is to collect emails from your business email list. Your Instagram bio link facilitates this process. Therefore, if you build a system that will work efficiently in just about any platform, you will find the entire process to be the easiest. The process to follow includes:

  • Finding a proper email provider
  • Creating content or giveaway
  • Setting up an autoresponder
  • Creating a landing page
  • Using a custom link to it and
  • Adding that link to your Instagram bio.

In addition to that, you must also use a call to action to entice the Instagram followers to click on the link you have included in your bio and sign up to your email list.

The outreach rules

There are some specific rules that you should follow to ensure a higher outreach for your email link building strategy, especially when using the inbound link building process. Know these rules first before you start using the email link building templates. This will help you to know the right ways to improve the SEO of your site.

The right ways are:

  • Publishing exceptional content to generate high-quality backlinks and to accumulate higher search engine authority
  • Pitching guest posts only to add value to your content as well as for the reader with better information and
  • Sending personalized emails to the specific publishers and names in your email list using a specific pitch template.
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This will not make your emails look spammy, pushy, or impersonal, and, most importantly, it will increase the outreach of your emails.

Think beyond traditional link building tactics

It is not that you will always have to follow those old-school methods when you look for free email link building strategies. Think above and beyond those methods to dominate the search engines with building internal links that will help the users to:

  • Go from one page to another in the website
  • Dig deeper into your site and
  • Gain more information about your product and business.

Make sure that you use a good and relevant keyword phrase in your link on the home page so that the users are interested in staying and exploring your website for a longer period.

This will:

  • Improve the page authority
  • Decrease the bounce rate
  • Improve keyword ranking
  • Improve indexation and crawl ability
  • Increase exposure and a traffic count of your older blog posts.

You can use strategic internal links from trusted sites, social sharing sites, and high authority sites through guest blogging.

The final thoughts

Therefore, to build a successful email link building strategy using Instagram, you must focus on the content you want to post that will add value to your brand. In addition to that, you must also research different backlinks as well as your competitors, the different sites in your niche industry, and the opportunities that they can build for you and promote your brand and product through your content.

Most importantly, do not avail of any shortcut by buying links as that may remove your site from the Google search results.

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