SQL Server using IP Address 

Fix – Cannot access SQL Server using IP Address 


Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database application that stores and retrieves data as per the request of other applications. SQL Server database is being used by a wide range of organizations to store their vital business data due to its advance and easy to use internal structure. Terribly sometimes while connecting to the server using software or script with the IP address becomes impossible. If you are one of the users who cannot access SQL Server using an IP Address. Then this article will guide you to connect the SQL Server. Keep reading until the end. 

Why one cannot connect to SQL server using IP address?

You are not able to connect the server because the SQL Server installed as named instance, So You should try to connect with the server via the given server name as 


While installing SQL Server as a named instance it uses dynamic TCP/IP ports by default, That is why it is not possible to connect to the server without providing an instance name.

After discussing the reason let’s move ahead to restore database SQL connection. 

Fix- Cannot access SQL Server using IP Address Issue Manually:

 To get connected to the server without the instance name, all you need to do is reconfigure the server to use static TCP port. Follow these steps carefully to establish connection:

  1. View SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Then, move to the SQL Server Network Configuration | Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
  3. double-click on the TCP/IP protocol.
  4. Choose the Yes value in the Enabled field.
  5. Go to the IP Addresses tab.
  6. Get to the IPA11 section.
  7. Remove the TCP Dynamic Ports field in that section
  8. Provide the 1433 value in the TCP Port field.
  9. Finally, restart the server and connect to the server with its IP address only.
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If you are not in a hurry then fix your issue “cannot connect to SQL server using IP address” successfully. 

Consequences of Manual Methods:-

The manual method is good to go as it is completely free i.e, users do not require to pay any amount further. But they also have to deal with its limitations or consequences. Some of its consequences are listed below:-

  • Time-consuming and complex process.
  • It requires technical expertise as this method is a completely technical process.
  • Non-technical users can not use this method.
  • Its lengthy process users have to be patentable with this method. People in a hurry can not opt for this method. 

So, it is always recommended to use an automated method to avoid the limitations of manual methods to restore database SQL server connection.

Automated Methods to fix the connection issue in SQL server:-

Automated methods enable users to use third-party utilities or commercial tools easily available in the market. The automated method is the direct and genuine solution to recover SQL database connections. One such utility available is SQL Database Recovery. This tool is standalone software with an exclusive algorithm. It has so many unique features that make one of the best and widely used software. Let’s see its key features:

  • Provides complete recovery of data from MDF files.
  • Provides you, dual recovery mode as standard mode and advanced mode for different categories of corruption.
  • This tool has an interactive GUI that makes it easy to use for any type of user.
  • One doesn’t need to have the technical knowledge, a person with a non-technical background can also use this easily.
  • The Demo version is also available for free so that you can judge the tool before you buy it.
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In this blog, we have tried to resolve the issue “Cannot access SQL Server using IP Address”. Manual and automated solutions are discussed here. You can go with any of the solutions as per your convenience.

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