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Full Guide On Study Medicine In Australia For International Students


There are so many medical schools in Australia for international students that are providing special medical education. So, if you are interested to study in Australia and feeling confused about what should you choose or do, this article is for you. Here, we are going to provide a full guide on study medicine in Australia for international students. Moreover, you can visit CatEight to get full guidance on study medicine in Australia. 

 A Comprehensive Guide On Medical Studies in Australia For International Students:

Now, let us discuss what you should do if you are willing to getting admission in medicine in Australia for international students

Undergraduate Medicine Program:

Students applying for an undergraduate medical program in Australia must have assessed their application under the three below given criteria.

  1. Academic distinction (as illustrated by ranks in A-Levels, International Baccalaureate, or counterpart. Australian medicine schools do not ratify TEC Diplomas as being adequate for entrance level exam).
  2. Aptitude test score.
  3. Interview (The interview format will change depending upon the school as some of the interviews are quite strict, formal, and taken in person. While some of them are relaxed, and they are conducted through Skype or Laptop).

Aptitude Test Requirements

To qualify for the interview and aptitude test, students must submit their school leaving certificate, last Qualification. Furthermore, strong grades are required in subjects you have gained less on the aptitude test.

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When the required academic and aptitude test score is achieved, applicants are called for an interview for their selected subject.

What Subjects Should Be Preferred? 

There is a minimal variation found in the subject requirement as most medical schools will demand you to have a strong pass in the subjects, like Chemistry, Maths, Physics, and Biology. 

Medical school scholarships in Australia for international students are also a great option to choose if you have some funding issues.

What Grades Will Be Needed?

Grade requirements are different for different universities. Usually, the grade requirement is ABB, A*A*A, or values between 35 to 43 in IB. 

This is why you should be aware that achieving the required grades only makes you eligible for applying, and it does not provide a guaranteed place.

Undergraduate Medicine: Important Facts

What Are The Input Dates?

Bachelor of Medicine and all the other pathways of medical studies in Australia for international students are conducted once a year. The semester begins in February. Students have to reach the university in mid-February to attend the orientation conducted for international students. Hence, the teaching of the subjects generally starts in March.

When Should I Apply?

Depending upon the medical university, application deadlines are flexible. In the majority of the universities, applications open in March that is the year before intake. While the deadline of application ranges from June to September, depending upon the university.

How Much Does It Amount To?

The tuition fees for international students range from A$55000 to around A$71000 per annum.

What Are The Funding Options?

Funding options are not accessible to international students. Thus, they should be ready for it. Additional domestic beginners can utilize this facility by reaching the medical school directly.

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Ending Notes:

Thus, medical universities in Australia for international students are performing an extraordinary job by providing great medical education to international students coming from all around the globe. The teaching staff is also very cooperative, and they understand their students. So, get admission to your desired medical university and start making your dream of becoming a doctor comes true!

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