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How Can Houston Personal Injury Lawyers Protect Your Rights After a Drink and Drive Accident?

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Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, with an approximate 2,325,502 population. The Drinking and driving problem is quite significant in Houston. According to recent estimates, every 20 minutes, someone in Houston is hurt in a car accident that involves driving under the influence of alcohol. These statistics mean higher chances of becoming a victim of a drink and drive accidents in the near future.

This article discusses how Houston personal injury lawyers can protect your rights after a drink and drive accident. 

What Are Your Rights as an Accident Victim?

Suppose a driver’s negligence causes an accident; you have the right to get compensation for all injuries, loss of earnings, disability, damage to personal property. You can also get compensation for loss of capacity of earning. 

According to Texas laws, if the alcohol concentration in your blood is 0.08% or above, you can be booked for breaking the law. Drink driving is a severe offense in Texas and could result in fines up to $2000.

The drink and drive laws are not limited to cars alone. The legislation is also applicable if you are boating or flying. 

What Should You Do After a Drink and Drive Accident?

Road accidents show Houston has the worst accident record in Texas. In 2017, Houston witnessed 944 fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers.  According to Houston personal injury lawyers, you need to act rationally and responsibly if you are a victim of an accident due to a drunk driver. Here are five things you need to do. 

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Stay on the Accident Scene

If your car is hit by another vehicle driven by a drunk driver, you need to stay calm and wait until the car stops. If possible, get out of the vehicle and assess the situation.  Don’t leave the accident scene unless there is any risk involved in staying at the accident place. 

After assessing the situation, tend to passengers who need medical help. Call 911 and wait for the emergency services and police to arrive. 

Take Pictures

Photographic evidence plays a vital role in personal injury claims. If you can move without difficulty, take pictures that can be used as evidence when you file a claim. You need to click pictures of your injuries and that of other passengers. Also, click the images of both cars involved in the accident. 

There is a possibility the police would move the vehicles away from the accident place to avoid traffic. Hence, you need to click the picture before the police arrive. 

Get Vital Information About Witnesses.

According to Houston road accident stats, the city recorded 3000 fatal drunk driving accidents in a 16 year period. If you are a victim of a drink driving accident, make sure you get vital information about the witnesses.  

How Can Houston Personal Injury Attorneys Help?

Experienced Houston personal injury attorneys would have handled several cases involving drunk driving accidents. The attorney can build a strong case against the negligent driver and ensure maximum compensation to the injured and their families. 

Every drunk driving car accident is different. Even if the driver was drunk and responsible for the accident, the other party’s insurance lawyer will fight your claim. Some insurance companies will try to settle the case by offering minimum compensation possible. 

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An excellent personal injury lawyer will seek maximum compensation permitted by the law and ensure you do not have to deal with expensive medical bills and hospitalizations. Suppose the accident has affected your capacity for earning in the future, the attorney will collect and present the necessary evidence to prove the point and get you maximum compensation. 

To sum up, filing personal injury claims can help you get the financial assistance you deserve to recuperate after an accident. An attorney will ensure your rights as an accident victim are protected and ensure you do not face financial hardships due to the accident.


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