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How Can You Protect Your Salon Business During and After COVID-19?

Economic FINANCE

In present times, people earn more than enough just to satisfy their basic needs. Because they are gaining more, the expense also augments with that.

One area that almost all people in the world spend on every month, debarring essentials, is salon services.

The contemporary folk love to pamper themselves, and is there a better way to do that than in a salon. The feeling you get after getting nail extensions is unfound anywhere else. You feel as powerful as ever, and your self-esteem is at the highest level.

The same is true for men. My brother looks unkempt at best when he needs a haircut. I tried giving him a trim myself once. The result was worse than before.

So, all the salon workers, especially the hairdressers, are life-savers. Can you imagine ever to a wedding without the salon appointment? I cannot.

Although salons have become a crucial part of our lives in the 2000s;

Although we had to visit a salon more than once a month, making friends with the workers;

Although salons all over the world were earning a lucrative income;

The pandemic has made the salon business hunt for very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker to pay the bills because they have no income.

Let us try to dissect their situation and find a solution.

COVID-19 and Its Devastation

The year 2020 has been nothing short of tragedy so far. Almost half the year is over, and the reprieve is nowhere near close.

The world saw the emergence of a disease as a virus that has slowly overtaken the bodies of more than 4 million people. The coronavirus is said to have a mortality rate of less than 5%. However, with the count of infected people reaching such a high, that 5% is going to be in millions.

The virus is said to be extremely contagious. A contact of less of a meter with an infected person can make the disease take you as its next host.

Such a level of contagiousness has forced governments all over the world to start thinking about nationwide lockdowns. Countries like the UK, the USA, Spain, Italy, and even India have already implemented it.

It has resulted in businesses all over the world to shut down their operations. Financial losses to the business owners and economic losses to the government were a direct impact.

As of now, many governments have allowed businesses to resume their operations with numerous safety guidelines.

These have the identification of the symptoms of the deadly disease at the forefront.

The Dreaded Symptoms

There are three main symptoms.

  • A spike in temperature and feeling feverish.
  • Chronic cough has not gone away for days.
  • And lastly finding it difficult to breathe.

If you or any of your closed ones are experiencing something similar, please isolate yourself.

The Salon Industry

In a time when social distancing has become a way of life

In a time when people are afraid to talk or address someone because of the virus

And in a time when your personal space has become as wide as a meter

So, there are a lot of questions for a business that is only functional because it enhances the physical beauty of its clients by coming in close contact, so close that the salon worker and the client breathe the same air.

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How does a business like this fair in the present?

Is it possible for it to become operational again during the pandemic?

And how can it attract customers actually to put themselves at risk of catching the virus?

The salon owners can make it work. They can turn the tables on the COVID-19 and profit themselves. Even if that means garnering financial assistance from AOne Credit first to make that happen, the salon owners should take that option.

Here are some ways that can be used by these businesses to safeguard their interest and their income.

Protection In the Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic is a serious problem. However, some precautionary actions can make it seem severe and devastating for your salon business.

  • Safeguarding the Employees

A salon cannot operate without its employees. Just the owner cannot cater to every client’s needs. So, the first and foremost thing to be done is to safeguard the employees.

If the salon workers are the perfect health card, the clients would not feel scared to come and enjoy their services.

Making them wash their hands frequently, regular checkups for temperature, and monitoring their habits even after work should be done by the employer. The way to this should not be intrusive.

If the employee knows that his interest in the priority, then he would never put himself in a situation that might endanger him.

  • Not Providing Certain Services

Some salon services are intrusive. The worker has to be in the face of the client to perform them. Facials, mustache wax for women, and face shave for men are some examples of these services.

Providing them in the pandemic is not only unsafe for you but also dangerous for the customer availing these.

It is because in many cases, the coronavirus does not exhibit any symptoms. And breathing the same air as the infected can make you infected as well.

  • Social Distancing Inside the Salon

Overcrowding the salon with customers and employees can be a colossal mistake on your part as a salon owner.

If we are practicing social distancing outside our homes, it should be done in the business as well.

So, you must maintain a meter’s distance between every work station for the hairdresser and the beautician. The close seating for manicures and pedicures would be too risky in the pandemic.

  • Not Entertaining Walk-Ins

Another preventive measure that must be taken by the salon owner is not to allow any walk-ins. You will never be able to know for sure if that person is contagious or not.

The only way to do so is to make an appointment in advance and then confirming the appointments with a clean bill of health from the client.

You can also assure the customer to reschedule his appointment without any charge if he is feeling unwell at the time.

Apart from this, you can also just provide the services to clients that are regulars at your salon. These people will have a sense of loyalty towards you and may not do anything to harm your business.

  • Keeping the Salon Sterile
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I have saved the most important one for the end. The COVID-19 is a virus, so it can be killed if the place is cleaned and sterile with soap or sanitizer at regular intervals.

  • Provision of masks and gloves both to the employees and the clients to be worn at all times;
  • Sanitizing all the equipment that is used in a service. Some salon is even sanitizing the blow dryers and curling wands.
  • Disposing the gloves after one use and not using them with multiple clients is also advised.
  • Lastly, a sanitizer at the front desk for every client that enters from the outside is the most crucial.

The implementation of these will make your salon business survive through the pandemic.

Protection After the Pandemic

COVID-19 will not completely wane until a vaccine is created. Medical professionals can take months and months to make that happen.

However, it will, and the pandemic will be utterly defeated and become a thing of history.

There are three things that you can do to make your business come back to its pre-COVID-19 glory.

  • Continuing the Same Preventive Measures

Just because the pandemic is over, you cannot become complacent. Practicing the same routine and measures to keep yourself protected is a must.

All the five precautions stated before will need to be implemented even post-pandemic. You can become a bit lenient, but not neglect all of them completely.

  • Offering Enticements

Once the pandemic is over, a lot more people would want to come to salons get pampered after being in the most extended lockdown for humankind.

If you give them a discounted rate on your services, there would be a lot more rush at your business than ever.

Since you have covered up the losses of the pandemic, the influx would be welcomed. However, still do not overcrowd your salon, try to work in shifts.

  • Keeping Your Clients in the Loop

The last one is to keep in touch with your clients. It can be done through messages, email, social media posts, and even personal calls.

If the clients know that you are ready and waiting for them to try out your new and improved services after the coronavirus, they will jump right into your salon.

Winding Up

The coronavirus pandemic has been brutal for people’s lives and livelihoods. At present, over 300,000 people have lost the battle against this disease, and millions have lost their income source.

The daily wagers are the most severely affected. Salon owner at least has some semblance of hope in catastrophic times. The construction worker does not even have that.

They are only reliant on the government benefits and pray to God that a vaccine is found soon.

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Author Bio-: The COVID-19 has victimized every nation and business endeavor. Many businesses have had to wind up their operations. However, the salons can still make it work in the pandemic.


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