How to Elevate Your Outfit in Winter


Wearing the proper clothing to match the season’s freezing temps would better position you to experience the breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re taking a decent walk outside in the mornings, skiing, snowshoeing, working indoors, or doing precisely nothing, putting on the right winter dresses would keep you miles away from the hazardous elements. We’ve prepared a styling guide to help you look stunning and safe from hypothermia, frostbite, and the likes.

How to Dress for Winter

Selecting chic and stunning winter outfits is not all it takes to up your fashion game in winter. The crisp cold weather favors thick knits and bulky clothes and figuring out how to make them functional both in a stylish and cozy way can be quite challenging. While there are so many different options of winter dresses for women that you can take your fashion inspos from out there, we thought to share with you some of the basic tips you would need with styling your outfits. Keep reading.

1. Selecting the Right Clothes

The first thing that should come to mind when dressing for winter is comfort. Yes, it’s cold outside but you don’t also want to feel stuffed in your outfit. Consider clothes that will make you feel comfortable and also look stylish. Looking at the weather forecast for the day also proves helpful when planning your attire. If it’s going to snow later on, you might need to grab a coat. If the temperature would be stable all day long, then you can make do with the layers you have on already.

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2. Fabric Types to Wear

Considering what kind of fabric you would want to wear also plays a crucial role in selecting the layers you would have on. Want to wear something light and airy, get ready to grab a good coat to protect you from the cold and snow. A winter coat that fits well not only keeps you warm but also creates an overall fun look. There are many types of boots for women to choose from, depending on what outfit you’re planning to wear them with. Stride Wise booties are perfect for dressing up or down any outfit. From dressy boots to versatile knee-highs, here are six types of stylish boots that every woman should have in her closet.

The fabric type is an essential ingredient in clothing selection. The warmth offered by your outfit largely depends on the fabric type of the apparel. Wool is the commonest winter dress fabric type. However, you can repurpose your other fabric types to serve you in winter.

Velvet has a luscious and soft feel on the skin, hence a great pick for winter party dresses. The texture of tweed is best suited for jackets and coats, so you can try those on for your layers. Brocade has numerous patterns and decorative detailing to bring an alluring fashion feel to your winter wardrobe.

3. Repurposing your Wardrobe Staples and Adding Bulk to your Fit

Parties and casual outings in winter shouldn’t look boring because you’re trying to shield yourself from the cold. Although that’s the number one goal of winter dressing, a little spice from your staples for other seasons wouldn’t hurt a bit.

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When repurposing your regular outfits, wearing more serves as a barrier to the cold. Three layers of clothing create enough base. Starting with silk underwear, leggings, fleece-lined tights, or any tight-fitting cloth for the first layer. A turtleneck made from merino wool or cashmere, chunky cable knit cardigans, or thick fleece and knee-length pencil skirt, leather pants, or skinny jeans for the middle layer.

Long winter coat or oversized knit sweaters for the outer layer keeps you warm and dry. Cropped puffer jackets are currently trending, but it’s best to wear them if the second layer is thick enough to withstand the cold.

4. Choosing Protective Footwear

Shoes that can withstand the weather conditions are great options to go for. When basing your styling on the trends, ensure you opt for warm and waterproof footwear. Shoes lined with fur and boots would always be stunners for winter. To avoid slipping on the ice, select shoes with tread.

5. Winter Accessories

Your hair also needs some protection from the wind and snow outside. Hats and beanies that fit well keep your head warm in contrast to loose ones. Sport some colorful scarves to add dreamy vibes to your ensemble while warming up your neck. Gloves and thick wool socks are also functional accessories for winter especially if you don’t want those frostbite.

Dressing for Winter in a Notch

Winter Dressing shouldn’t at all be boring especially after you’ve gone through this guide. While we’ve mentioned most of the things you need to know about styling clothes for winter, another important tip you need to remember is investing in quality staples. SunsetfashionLA is an online fashion store we would recommend to purchase your winter dresses and accessories. They have lots of top quality and affordable outfits in varieties of styles to whet your fashion appetite.

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