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How To Find The Right Nursing Home Attorney In Long Island, New York

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Nursing home attorney is a subset of personal injury lawyers. This unique kind of attorney specializes in helping seniors who were abused in nursing homes.

An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can:

  • Collect in-depth details to build a case
  • Assist victims in taking action against the facilities and staff members responsible for the abuse
  • Use their deep knowledge of the legal system to get compensation

Victims of nursing home abuse may suffer from long-term physical and mental effects. Serious abuse cases even may lead to the wrongful death of a patient, leaving loved ones burdened by medical expenses and grief.

Nursing home attorney will help your family members win compensation to pay for medical expenses. Pursuing lawful action also can prevent additional families from experiencing abuse in nursing homes.

Attorneys for Nursing Home Neglect

A handful of nursing home abuse attorneys specialize in medical negligence and neglect cases. Nursing home neglect happens once a nursing home or its staff fails to correctly care for patients.

Nursing home neglect may have severe consequences for victims, as well as their families and might require long-term care. Residents in nursing homes expect to be correctly managed. Once an assisted living facility does not meet a basic standard of care, patients might contract illnesses, get hurt, or die.

A nursing home neglect lawyer will help make sure that victims get compensation. An attorney also will hold these nursing home centers accountable for their actions.

How Can Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Help?

Such lawyers permit you to easily pursue compensation. These attorneys deal with almost all of the work which comes with filing a lawsuit.

A skilled attorney will help you: 

  • Collect information: The lawyer collects photographic evidence, medical records, and other details needed to build a successful case.
  • File the claim: It’s vital that you ensure that the claim is filed properly. Errors in paperwork may prolong or derail a case, costing you money and time. There are also laws referred to as statutes of limitations preventing you from filing the lawsuit after a specific deadline. A lawyer will file your claim in a timely manner without any problems.
  • Resolve a suit: A lot of elder abuse cases never end up in trial yet will resolve in a settlement. Settlements will result in a payout to the plaintiff, and the suit will stop. If the settlement can’t be agreed on, the lawyer will represent you and fight on your behalf in a court of law.
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Nursing centers use their own financial resources and lawyers to avoid being held accountable. All victims deserve the peace of mind, protection, and aid that only an experienced attorney brings to battle on their behalf.

What to Expect While Working with a Nursing Home Attorney

Nursing home abuse lawyers take on all of the legal process stress. Working with nursing home abuse lawyers will streamline the process and permit victims the space and time needed to heal.

Nursing home suits usually follow a specific pattern:

  1. Filing: Having done the initial claim investigation, the attorney then will file a lawsuit. When the suit is filed, the defendant — in this instance, the nursing home — delivers a response.
  2. Discovery: All parties involved will investigate and gather proof that supports their claims. Nursing home abuse attorneys will gather details like witness testimonies and a defendant’s past abuse cases.
  3. Mediation: Each party presents their proof to the other and mediation starts. During mediation, the attorneys try to resolve the case without having to go to trial with assistance from a 3rd party (like a judge).
  4. Settlement: The majority of nursing home neglect and abuse lawsuits get resolved in settlements during mediation. The attorney works to negotiate the highest probable quantity of compensation based upon the available proof.
  5. Trial: If you and counsel don’t think a fair settlement quantity was offered, it’s possible to reject the agreement. Then, the case might go to trial. The attorney represents you in a court of law and presents the evidence to a jury and judge. They also can help to file an appeal if necessary.
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While working with a nursing home attorney, it is vital that you be as honest and transparent as possible. Withholding details, even details that might seem damaging, may harm the case.


Your attorney will do everything possible to build a strong case once they have all of the facts associated with your case.


How To Select the Best Nursing Home Attorney

Usually, it isn’t enough to work with a general attorney to file a lawsuit for nursing home abuse. You must locate a dedicated nursing home attorney who has the proper experience and skills in order for you to obtain the most amount of funds possible. Discover the most critical factors all reputable nursing home attorneys share below.

The cost of the case

Quality nursing home abuse attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means you will not need to pay any funds up front to work with them. The lawyer instead takes a percentage of the trial award or settlement after it’s awarded. If the suit isn’t successful, the attorney is not paid.

Experience makes all the difference

Experience will make all the difference in terms of filing a lawsuit. You ideally want to locate an attorney who has decades or years of experience successfully dealing with this kind of case.

While consulting an attorney, be certain that you ask them about their experience. What’s their success rate? What do previous clients say about them?

The Attorney-Client Relationship

The sensitive nature of such cases makes victims feel humiliated to discuss details of their mistreatment. It is essential that you find a lawyer who makes you feel at ease and with whom you’re ready to speak freely.

Find a Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorney

Nursing home neglect and abuse may be devastating financially, emotionally, and physically. Working with skilled counsel will help your family obtain the compensation and justice deserved.

If your family member has experienced medical negligence or malpractice in a nursing home facility, get your case reviewed right away. A team will listen to the case and help to find experienced counsel.

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