Are Bordoodle’s Considered Healthy Dogs?

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If you think of acquiring a Bordoodle’s dog breed, you need to understand everything you need before bringing the new puppy in. The breed is a combination of two of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Therefore, you can be sure to get the ultimate experience as the Bordoodle joins your family. 

This Bordoodle breed is known for its strengths hence the need to enhance its mental and physical resilience. No Bordoodle want to be left alone for too long as they enjoy extensive exercises and walks. Also, you should look no further if you are seeking a teddy bear lookalike. 

While all seems smooth, other factors, including health issues, should help you determine whether you want the Borrdoodle or not. Then you go to the places with Bordoodle Puppies for sale.

Where Did the Bordoodle Originate?

The Bordoodle is a mixed breed that inherits parents’ characteristics and combines them for superiority. One of the parents is the Border Collie which is considered the best herding dog in the world. 

Border Collie originates from Scotland and is referred to as a workaholic due to its historic herding traits. Most of the Border Collies are found in families with intense mental stimulation and exercise.

Notably, Border Colie has been ranked the most intelligent dog breed globally, meaning that you have to enhance its intelligence to maintain a smart brain. Due to the herding traits common with the Border Collie, you might find it herding other pets and children in a room or compound. 

The Poodle forms the other half of the equation. It is a common breed known for hunting in Germany. Besides, the dog’s frolicky nature and pretty pompon haircuts make it France’s national dog. However, there’s more to the Poodle than the looks, as it is also intelligent. 

The hunting dog is obsessed with physical activity and has a lot of energy to provide entertainment and move around the house. 

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The Poodle has a hypoallergenic coat that sheds much less as compared to other dogs. The Poodle’s minimal shedding is a major reason why it is used as a hybrid mixer. 

Bordoodle’s Common Character Traits

Thanks to the Poodle and the Border Collie, Bordoodle now has the beauty and the brains. The appearance and personality of mixed dogs are never predictable, and this breed usually takes the best of the two parents. Below are some of the notable characteristics.  

The Dog’s Temperament

After acquiring the pet and introducing it to your family, it recognizes every member with time and offers companionships and comfort. The Bordoodle’s human pack makes it the best cuddler providing warmth with its fluffy coat. 

However, the breed is aloof with strangers, and you need to intervene and calm the dog down if the strangers are harmless. Notably, the Poodle genes in the Bordoodle warm them up eventually and helps foster the balance of stranger friendliness. 

Besides, the intense physical activity of the parents makes the crossbreed even stronger as it has lots of energy that need to be utilized. Failure to introduce physical activities and exercise will make the dog play with people in the house or furniture. 

The Bordoodle is highly intelligent and obedient, so it might be the right choice if you want a dog that can perform tricks. However, you shouldn’t expect all these traits to perfect on their own. You should invest in robust training to make the Bordoodle catch on and socialize faster. 

Generally, the Bordoodle breed is suitable for any family setting that provides the attention, company, and exercise it deserves. 

Appearance and Size

Notably, most of the Bordoodle’s size is determined by the size of the Poodle or the Border Collie. Since the Poodle comes in three different types, it is crucial to understand the exact type of breeding to predict the hybrid’s size. If the puppy was bred from a standard-sized Poodle, it should have a height of 21 inches and 29kgs. 

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The Poodle breed also has a miniature size which could produce pups of different sizes when bred with the Border Collie. The breeder you work with should guide you on the best dog and predict the possible size in maturity. 

Coats and Color

Usually, the Bordoodle’s takes the Border Collie’s coat but with the Poodle’s loose curls. This unique appearance makes the breed resemble a cuddly canine teddy bear with a medium-length coat. When it comes to shedding, the Bordoodle borrows heavily from the parents and sometimes takes after one parent. 

The Poodle parent is known as a hypoallergenic dog, while the Border Collie is a heavy shedder. Therefore, it is likely to find a heavily shedding Bordoodle and a hypoallergenic one depending on which parent they took after. 

Where Do I Find Healthy Bordoodle Puppies For Sale?

There are no health statistics on health conditions associated with the Bordoodle breed. However, the parents’ breeds are prone to certain conditions, which means that the offspring could inherit the genes that increase their chance of developing the conditions. Some of the common conditions associated with these breeds include:

The Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This condition affects the retina leading to its thinning and gradual onset blindness. The condition affects dogs at any age and could affect a puppy’s life despite having other senses to compensate. There is no treatment for the condition, and dogs should be helped adjust well to the loss of vision. 

Hip Dysplasia

The condition is common in both the Poodle and the Border Collie. It affects the hip socket hindering the pet’s comfortable movement and resulting in pain and inflammation. A hip replacement procedure is the best treatment for this condition as it could become disabling.  

Bordoodles are considered the best breed since they are bred from some of the most intelligent dogs in the world. The best thing to ensure that your pet remains healthy is to exercise regularly and provide the correct diet. Feel free to consult a veterinarian if you need further clarification or are concerned about your pet’s weight or well-being


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