How to Generate Eway Bills

How to Generate Eway Bills on E-Way Bill Portal?


What is the Eway Bill? How to generate Eway bills on the E-way bill portal?

When transporting any goods, anywhere in India, worth Rs. 50,000 or more, you need to provide a GST Eway bill. Every taxpayer who is registered needs to carry the GST E-Way bill. You can download the bill from the GSTN portal. The process to govern this procedure is complex but essential. That is why it’s more convenient to upload documents manually.  Eway bill transferred from an unregistered person should have goods worth more than Rs. 50,000.

The E-Way bill has facilitated and made the transport of the goods a seamless experience. Due to the Eway bill, you don’t have to stop at every checkpoint. You can simply provide the E-Way bill and transport the goods. This has increased the speed of transportation of the goods that are Rs. 50,000 and above. It has made a positive impact on the logistics industry.

The E-Way bill has reduced the number of documents required at every checkpoint. This made the whole experience of transportation smooth and effective. The E-Way bill has removed the physical checking of the goods at every step of the transportation process. This has made transportation digital, reducing the time taken for transportation and making it more efficient than the previous process. 

Due to the Eway bill, it’s easier for the government to track transportation and make sure that there is no tax evasion in the process. It has increased the transparency between the traders and the government. This will make the whole process easier and comfortable for the business persons. 

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Visit the E-Way Bill Website: 

  • Firstly, Enter your username and password followed by captcha. 
  • You are then logged into the site of the Eway bill. 
  • Check the left-hand side of the site and the system will show the options which will be used for eway bill generation, cancelling, rejecting, etc on the E-way bill system.

How to generate a new E-Way bill?

Following are the Information Need to be with the User:

  • You need to have Invoice / Bill / Challan / Document details.
  • GST number of the party to whom the goods are going to be supplied.
  • Details of the product and quantity of the product to be supplied.
  • Name and ID of the transporter and the vehicle number through which the transport will be done. 

Here are the Steps to be Followed for Generating the E-Way Bill:

  • User needs to select the “Generate e-way bill” option under the e-way bill option after which the following screen will be displayed.
  • The user needs to select the option “Inward / Outward”. The inward option means the person receiving the goods and outward means the person sending the goods. 

The Bottomline:

The Eway bill has made the experience of transporting goods much easier. It has facilitated the traders easy transportation of goods and supplies. Due to the Eway bill, the goods take less time to get transported. This is because the time taken at the checkpoints have come down, for more information on Eway Bill check out Finserv MARKETS.

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