How to Maximise Online Content with the Use of VPNs


Everyone knows how great VPNs are for keeping you safe online. Their encryption technology and secure tunnelling protocol keep your internet connection secure no matter where you are – even on unsecured networks like the ones you find in cafes and coffee shops around the world. But what you may not know is that VPNs offer much more than online security. They can give you access to content that you may not otherwise be able to get online, help with internet speeds, and even save you money on your shopping! Let’s take a closer look at how you can maximise your online content with a VPN.

Video Streaming

One of the best ways to use your VPN is to access content on video streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu that otherwise wouldn’t be available in your country. Streaming sites like these “geo-block” content due to licensing restrictions, so what may be available to you in the UK may not be available if you visit the US. For example, if you want to watch the hit TV show Friends in the UK, you can just open Netflix, and it will be there. However, Friends isn’t available on Netflix if you’re in the US. So what can you do? You can open up your VPN, set your connection location to the UK, and click “connect.” By doing so, your internet connection will be routed through the UK, so any site you visit thinks you’re logging on from the UK. This means that Friends is there and ready to be watched when you open Netflix after connecting to your VPN. The best thing about VPNs is that they’re available on your phone, tablet, and PC, so you can access the content you want, no matter what device you use to stream Netflix. Many of the biggest streaming sites geo-block their content like this, so if you’re looking for a show on Netflix that isn’t available, try seeing if it’s available in other countries. 

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Online Gaming

VPNs can improve online gaming in a couple of different ways. The first way is by hiding your internet activity from your ISP and improving your speed. This may sound strange to some people, as the popular belief is that VPNs slow your internet connection down. However, if an ISP detects large levels of bandwidth being used (like when online gaming), it can sometimes throttle that connection to stop it from overloading the network, resulting in a laggy game. By using a VPN, you can mask the bandwidth from your ISP and game without restrictions. Another way a VPN can be useful when online gaming is for accessing content that may not be available in your location. Some online games, such as Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, are restricted in places like Australia as they’re refused classification, and online casino games are restricted in places like the Middle East. In those cases, players need to use a VPN to access the content. However, VPNs are useful for accessing online casinos wherever you are in the world, whether it’s India, the UK, or Australia, as you can access bonuses that aren’t available in your country. When signing up for these sites, players can access great bonuses such as a ₹1,500 Live Casino Free Bet and classic casino games like blackjack. If you’re looking to play online blackjack in India has a number of sites to choose from that are fully licensed and offer deposits in rupees. No matter where you’re playing, your online gaming experience can be enhanced with a VPN.

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Online Shopping

Have you ever been browsing an online store, decided against your purchase, only to go back and find that the price has increased? This isn’t as much of a coincidence as you might think, especially for industries such as airlines and car hire companies. These sites track your search history and will notice when some flights or models of cars are being searched for more often. They will raise the prices if they see you frequently searching for the same flights or cars within a particular time frame. However, a VPN masks your identity online and prevents sites from tracking you through the use of cookies. This means that you’re free to browse to your heart’s content without fear of prices being hiked by the time you go to buy.


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