How You Can Play The Lottery On Your Phone


You are no longer limited to playing the lottery in person or online. Now you have the option of playing it on your phone. The National Lottery has its own free app that you can download. There may be other lottery drawing apps, but this is the official one for UK gamblers.

The app is available for Android and Apple-based mobile phones. You can use it to access Thunderball, EuroMillions, and even set for Life. When you download the app you register for an account or sign in to the one you already have. Your account through the mobile app will keep track of the numbers you have saved to bet on.

If you have physical lottery tickets, you can use your phone to scan them. It will tell you if the ticket contains the winning numbers. The numbers for all of the lottery games you can play through this app are listed. You can even use the app to access a number generator to choose your next set of numbers for you.

Anytime you want to know lottery statistics, the app will share them with you. Statistics are available for every lottery game you have access to. It will even explain to you how you go about claiming your prize if you do win.

You may be wondering if it is possible to do this while you are in another country. You can still play the National Lottery games if you do certain things before you leave home. One of them is to obtain an IP address for your phone that is based in the U.K. This allows you to bet on the lottery from anywhere in the world. 

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A proxy or VPN is something you need to obtain to be able to play the lottery on your phone wherever you go. You can also choose to purchase a VPN router. When you do, you will never be separated from your favorite lottery games again.

If you are simply going away on a quick holiday you can set up a direct deposit to keep purchasing your lottery tickets. The purchases will be automatically made for you when you are out of town. Lottery tickets can be purchased as much as two months before the drawing.

You have the flexibility to play international lotteries on your phone if you make preparations in advance of traveling. Even if you are staying home you can access other drawings such as the SuperEnalotto in Italy, or even the Powerball lottery in the United States.

Thanks to today’s technology you can always stay connected to your lottery games. Using your phone to play the lottery makes it much easier and more convenient. You will never be too busy to play the lottery or be unable to access it.

Your mobile phone can be the gateway to playing and even winning countless lottery games. This is something that many UK residents are very grateful for.


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