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Air conditioning is the process of creating and maintaining a certain temperature, air purity, and relative humidity in indoor spaces. The process is based on a mechanism involving a fluid being cooled by the evaporation of another fluid. Air conditioning maintains personal comfort in a residential or commercial setting. In industries, air conditioning is used to maintain specific conditions required by machinery to work effectively. The process can also be used to carry out industrial processes like welding which produces heat that needs to be eliminated. The conditioning should be effective without being affected by the outside climatic conditions.


 The process involves controlling four essential variables such as air temperature, movement, quality, and humidity. Industrial comfort requires high precision standards in controlling the temperature and humidity and some applications require air purified and contaminants eliminated. Personal comfort air conditioning Arlington Texas involves creating humidity and temperature conditions that contribute to human psychological wellbeing. 

Home air conditioning applied the use of an evaporator which is an indoor coil and an outdoor coil referred to as a condenser. A pump i.e. the compressor is a channel through which the refrigerant fluid is transferred in a circuit. Fluids used are liquid refrigerant and hot refrigerant gas. The liquid refrigerant functions by removing heat from indoor air, hence cooling the house. The gas refrigerant works by giving up its heat to the environment when condensed back to liquid. Initially, air conditioners used a chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant bur changed to halogenated chlorofluorocarbons wince CFCs damaged the atmospheric ozone. The production of HCFCs has been reduced and people are opting to use ozone-safe HFCs such as ammonia.

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Appliances that are used in air conditioning differ in cooling capacity, size, and complexity. They include:

  • Heat pumps are units that contain a pair of coils that can interchange functions such that during winter, the coils inside condense the refrigerant fluid and heat the room instead of cooling it. During the hot climatic conditions, the refrigerant fluid condenses to liquid form diving off the heat it had absorbed from inside the house resulting in cooling. The fluid then recirculates to carry more heat that is ejected outside.
  • Rooftop units
  • Industrial chillers involve the use of chilled water. A refrigerant at a central place cools the water and then it is distributed through coils to cool the places where the coils pass through.
  • Fan coils and hydroponic systems
  • Air handling units
  • Packaged air conditioners
  • Control units and precision cooling units

The air conditioning equipment function by doing the following:

Home air conditioners cool the air that goes into the conditioner space and cools it hence dehumidifying the air and some of the moisture is condensed, collected, and discarded through a rubber hose. Close control units manage air conditions within a limited range. They use electric heaters and humidifiers to control the temperatures and humidity, hence cooling. Chillers cool or heat water to air condition. Fans, filters, boilers, heaters, and dampers function as ventilators, filters, and air mixers.

Common problems with air conditioners result from poor servicing procedures, improper installation, and inadequate maintenance procedures. Faulty installation of air conditions causes leaking of ducts and low flow of air in the room. Refrigerant fluid should also be charged during installation to ensure the proper functioning of the system. The efficient and effective performance of the refrigerant requires that the level of refrigerant be always checked and in case of any leaks, a qualified technician fixes and repairs it since the refrigerant fluid has a negative impact when exposed to the environment.

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Fans and compressors can fail prematurely because of dirty dysfunctional air filters and coils hence require adequate maintenance. Many systems also undergo corrosion of wires and terminals hence there is needed to constantly check the electrical connections and controls. The sensor’s location is also important to ensure the control panels are working well. Lastly, drainage problems should be repaired so that heat is drained effectively from the house.


Air conditioning involves filtration, humidification, cooling, and disinfection of air hence providing a clean safe air atmosphere to the people around and those with allergies and disease conditions. Like any other systems, air conditioning plants require expert installation, check-ups and maintenance services, and repair procedures. Several appliances and methods are used to ensure the temperature and humidity conditions are favorable to the human and animal life at that place.

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