Marc Jacobs Model

Marc Jacobs: A Collection Of Luxury Watches Just For Women


A woman is known to be the queen of accessories because when they dress up, they usually wear a pair of elegant earrings, an astonishing necklace, different styles of bangles and bracelets, eye-catchy rings, and of course, one beautiful timepiece of Marc Jacobs Model. When it comes to women, fashion is everything, not only for outfits but also from the moment you walk, talk, and carry yourself.

Finding the perfect timepiece that would suit you on many occasions, whether work-related, a simple coffee or tea with friends, parties, holidays, and eye-catchy wristwatch, is what you all need to make that wardrobe complete. One of the famous brands for females is Marc Jacobs; below is one of their latest creations that would suit your style.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Model MBM3223

This Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is perfectly crafted with large crystals around its case with a rose gold-tone of stainless steel. A perfectly handcrafted masterpiece designed just for women with high standards and class. People will describe you as a rich, fierce, and independent woman who knows how to build up her career from wearing this watch.  

The dial of this watch complements its watch’s color that makes it sophisticated and elegant, and everything is made from high-quality stainless steel. This feminine watch has a unique water-resistant feature that could survive at 50 meters. This fashionable watch is now available in the market for only $258.

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Marc By Marc Jacobs Models MBM3309

Another Marc Jacobs watch that is perfectly made for women who are into wearing dark color types clothing. This watch would also fit all women who are busy with their careers. This watch is completely made out of gold-tone stainless steel with a solid back. The watch has a blade black dial and two gold-tone hands. 

The two subdials of this watch have a unique design that would complement its dial; the third dial has blue like markers, making the overall look of the watch sophisticated. Perfectly handcrafted by professionals, this watch has a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. The price of it now in the market is at $258.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Model MBM3337

Another beautiful watch dressed up in a complete silver tone is the Marc Jacobs model MBM3337. This watch is handcrafted by professional watchmakers using the highest quality of stainless steel. The case of this watch is surrounded by small crystals that surround its transparent dial.

The watch has a naked back where you can easily see the high-quality tools they used to make this timepiece. This watch will perfectly match any casual outfit and would also fit on different occasions. This beauty has a water-resistant feature of 50 meters, and getting this watch will only cost you $163. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Models MBM3308

This one is another masterpiece of Marc Jacobs collections that is excellently crafted just for women. The strap of this watch is made out of rose gold-tone stainless steel together with its case. Its dial has a sunray brown color without any indexes, and its hands have a rose gold-tone. 

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The watch has a water-resistant feature that can survive up to 50 meters. This watch perfectly matches any type of woman, whether they are fashion experts, career women, elegant, stylish women, and even simple ones. Own this elegant masterpiece at only $258.


Women deserve all the glamorous things in the world because being a woman is hard. The Marc Jacobs collection of watches is crafted to perfection to exceed all women’s preferences, depending on their personalities. Get one of their amazingly beautiful collection at an affordable price.

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