Digital Transformation with Infrastructure Automation

Merits of Digital Transformation with Infrastructure Automation


The impact of technology in this digital age is phenomenal. The fast pace of business and escalating market demands need a process for streamlining and automation of the methods.

Digital transformation refers to the use of new digital technologies like cloud computing. And cloud computing is the foundation of the new agile business world. Here is a look at the merits of digital transformation with infrastructure automation.

Ensure Availability

Automation provides better control of cloud activities by dividing the workload. Automating IT infrastructure minimizes any potential human error that could impact the environment. Smart automation allows organizations to make the best use of cloud opportunities at a faster rate.

Reduce Costs

Infrastructure automation helps reduce the cost of delivering excellent quality services. It helps in reducing defects and outages. Also, automation enables companies to optimize IT resources. Enterprises can increase their business agility and enhance efficiency. This, in turn, improves productivity.

Save Time

Automating routine management tasks helps manage infrastructure responsibilities at a reasonable pace. It also allows turning out new requests for new infrastructure on time. It gives more time to focus on hardware optimization tasks and lifecycle management.

Facilitates Adoption of DevOps

DevOps aims to shorten the system development cycle and release better quality products. Organizations focusing on agility need to adopt DevOps. The integration in the functionalities and adoption of DevOps requires IT systems automation.

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Better User Experience

The service catalog of an organization extends beyond business processes. It includes various areas of businesses that include supplier management to HR. These catalogs accelerate business productivity. Automation of these service catalogs accelerates service delivery.

Self-service portals play an essential role in better user experience. Automation of the IT infrastructure allows companies to move towards business process automation. The companies can automate every repeatable workflow in the process using the self-service portals.

Helps Adopt Bi-modal IT Approach

Bi-modal IT refers to a practice of managing two distinct, coherent modes of IT delivery. One model focuses on stability and other on agility. Mode 1 is sequential and traditional, which emphasizes accuracy and safety.

Mode 2 is non-linear and exploratory. It emphasizes on speed and agility. To move to a bimodal IT approach, organizations must renovate their legacy IT systems. Automation of the IT infrastructure is essential to embrace the bimodal IT approach.

A bi-modal IT strategy allows organizations to categorize applications based on their value to the business. It will enable the organization to determine the right resources (mode) for fast-tracking business innovation projects.

Speed Time to Market New Apps and Services

The time required to deploy infrastructure to support new apps and services is the main reason for most project delays. By using templates, organizations can automate deployment.

Using this method, some companies can cut infrastructure deployment time by half. This allows companies to deliver applications and services faster.

Increase Security

The modern cloud platforms can preempt infrastructure failures and outages. Also, they can predict and mitigate security issues earlier. It improves application performance and overall availability of the infrastructure.

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It also protects data housed with a cloud environment. Automation can standardize access management and security across every infrastructure necessary for your organization.

Infrastructure is the hidden engine behind all applications and data. Through automation, you can empower business operations, paving the way for growth.


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