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Online Carrom Board Game Rules For Beginners

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Carrom has been one of the most popular games being played not just in India but across the world. In India, carrom is played in every household. People across different age groups play the game of carrom since there are no age restrictions. However, over the last few years, the traditional way of playing carrom has gone. Due to the existence of technology and the internet, games like carrom have completely moved online. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the number of users playing carrom. 

Online gaming has become the latest trend over the last few years. During the lockdown period, online gaming managed to gain its popularity and reputation in the country as many people were hooked to online games in order to keep themselves entertained and engaged. Online Carrom Board Game has become one of the popular online games in India. Online carrom games have completely changed the way we play traditional carrom games. Moreover, one can earn real money by playing Online Carrom Board Games. Today, there are several online carrom game app available. There are several people who download carrom game app and install them on their smartphones and play carrom game on a daily basis.

Apart from playing online carrom board game, there are several people who have shifted to playing the carrom from traditional mode to online version. At the initial stage, some of them might find it difficult to play an Online Carrom Board Game after years of playing a traditional version of the game. Some might get time to adapt to rules that have been inculcated in Online Carrom Game. Users who are playing the Online Carrom Game for the first time, we have got you covered. 

Here are the key Online Carrom rules for the beginners 

  • Setup

In the professional format of Online Carrom Board Games, only two players are allowed to play the game. At the beginning of the game, the carrom pieces are always arranged in the center of the circle. The Queen (red) should be surrounded by 18 other carrom coins in the center. The circle should be formed in such a way that the two white coins must form a ‘Y’ shape. Two rams of ‘Y’ aim directly at the corner pocket of the Online Carrom Board. Knowing how to set up the board before the start of the game is one of the basic rules for the beginners. 

  • Breaking 

In the Online Carrom Board Game, Breaking means the player will break the circle, where the pieces have been assembled in the center. Breaking is the first shot of the carrom board game, be it online or offline. Oftentimes, the first player plays white. If a player is able to pocket a piece in the first shot, then that player will continue to take turns until he fails to pocket any piece. Most importantly, before taking the next shot, every player must return the striker to the rectangle. 

  • Scoring 

Every player on the carrom board will have to pocket all the allocated pieces, either all black coins or all white coins. The Online Carrom Board will be mostly of 29 points. A player who pockets the queen (red), then he/she will earn 5 points, while other carrom pieces are 1 point each. Importantly, whenever you take the queen you have to take cover. Also, there are 8 breaks in the Online Carrom Board and the player who wins the toss will take the first break. A player who scores the most points after 8 breaks will be declared as the winner of the Online Carrom Board Game. 

  • Striking

In each and every round of the Online Carrom Board Game, players use a striker to knock the pieces into the board’s pocket. The main aim of the carrom game is to pocket all of the carrom pieces by using the striker before your opponent. In Online Carrom Game, you should drag a striker from left to right and then release the striker by dragging it down. However, you have to make sure that you place your striker between the two lines or in the circle of your side. In case, you place the striker anywhere, then it will be considered as foul and you have to pay the penalty. 

  • Covering the Queen 

In Online Carrom Board Game, in case you have already pocketed one piece of your colour (either white or black), then you can pocket and cover the Queen (red). If you have pocketed the Queen before sinking your colour, then your turn continues. But, you have to pocket your colour in the next shot in order to keep the Queen with you. This is called Covering the Queen. If you fail to pocket your colour after pocketing the Queen, then you have to place the Queen in the middle of the circle. 

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