NCERT Books Class 7 Maths book is made in such a way that after practising all the problems and learning the concepts they will not face any problem in higher studies. To make this calculated base more grounded arrangement is done for Class 7 Maths Important Questions for all parts. Students try to answer all the questions which are given in the book and ask questions wherever they have doubts. The more you practice every topic the more you get better at it. Maths is such a subject which you should understand to get better at it.

The main topics of class 7 maths include basic arithmetic, algebraic, geometry and mensuration. There also includes a topic called probability. You should practice as many questions as possible. The only key to understanding the concepts is by learning the formulas by heart and reading the theorems. It can turn into your favourite subject with giving proper dedication and practice.

Study from the NCERT textbooks first and practice all the solved examples and exercise questions thoroughly throughout the year. Revise every question before the examination from additional books as well as main books. Refer to the solutions given in the book if you have any doubts. The total range of questions in class 7 is limited. But with substantial practice, most of the questions will become familiar. You can even get a common question in the examination.

Topics covered

14 parts are canvassed in this segment. The maths book consists of integers, fractions and decimals, data handling, simple equations, lines and angles, the triangles and properties, congruence of triangles, comparing quantities, rational numbers, practical geometry, perimeter and area, algebraic expressions, exponents and powers, symmetry and visualizing shapes. You can already understand from this topic that it requires a lot of time and practice to score well. Try to learn the topics in depths then solve varieties of questions on that concept. Attempt several questions chapter wise and even from the sample papers.

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Understand each of the topics very carefully. By learning the concepts you will be able to solve all the questions properly. Derive the formulas by chance if you forget. You can watch several videos on the internet about various topics. Watching a topic brings much more interest of the students into the subject rather than mugging everything from the books. There are plenty of videos available on the internet from which students can get help. Most of the teachers and academicians belong to top institutions with great knowledge in the subject. They even solve the doubts of the students which they post online.

Practice everyday

There are various parts in the Class 7 Maths NCERT books. Try to solve the questions which have a higher weightage of marks. You do not have to decide that. It is already provided in the contents of every book and even on the website. By tackling these significant questions for every section, you will find out about how productive you are. Audit your abilities and ensure that the schedule has been covered flawlessly.

Maths is not a subject to mug up. It requires a lot of practice by a routine that identifies the insight and critical thinking abilities of the students of Class 7. It is useful to learn various kinds of questions designed for all parts in advance. You can do this by downloading the Important Questions for Class 7 Maths. Look at the changed arrangements of numerical questions and focus on the methods by alluding to their answers.

Understand the concepts

The great justification for checking and tackling the new questions are recommended by the accomplished teachers who explains your questions in various sections. More often than not, students are unconscious of the questions except if they are uncovered while taking care of an issue. That is the reason the teachers suggest solving questions from the reference books only after reading the main book. Endeavouring to settle these questions and taking a look at their solutions will help in solving many other similar questions in one go.

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Download all the sample papers and previous year question papers whenever you get the time and first try to solve the questions in which you are confident. Complete the separate sections first and afterwards revise all the questions to keep them fresh in mind. Class 7 maths NCERT arrangements cover issue aggregates on whole number tasks, conclusion property, commutative property, distributive property, associativity, and added substance character. It likewise contains the division of at least two marked numbers. The part has a sum of 30 questions out of which 12 are simple, 8 are moderate and 10 are complex.

Tips to remember

NCERT arrangements class 7-maths section is divided into 2 sections and points which is why the students should study according to the marks division of each chapter. Students need to assemble a solid comprehension of this subject. For this reason, they can follow the given tips to smooth out their concentration on the process.

  •         Attempt to apply the ideas to day-to-day existence issues.
  •         Modify speculations educated in past grades.
  •         Routinely practice questions.


In seventh grade, students are relied upon to completely comprehend and decipher different numerical ideas dependent on figuring numbers, articulations, conditions, calculation, and capacities. They need to learn and rehearse an assortment of abilities dependent on these subjects to score great in mathematical tests. Dominating such assorted points needs immense practice and support of ideas with study material like mathematical worksheets. Math worksheets are an exceptionally effective way for youngsters to concentrate on math effectively and to assemble a steady comprehension of different concepts. Practising test papers is probably the most ideal way of getting ready for a maths test. It assists with assessing arrangements and sorting out mistakes so you don’t rehash them. Revising is likewise nice to upgrade speed and learn proficient using time productively for tests—time spent on each question, subsequently supporting using time effectively. You will definitely fall in love with the subject. 

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