Terminate Your Alcohol Addiction at Safe House Wellness Retreat


Alcohol Dealing with any form of addiction can be vexing. But you do not have to get through this ordeal alone. With trusted partners like Safe House, you can put an end to your drug or alcohol addiction with ease and embark on an entirely new chapter of your life. The residential life-program offered by us is both luxurious and practical at the same time. At Safe House Wellness Retreat, we focus on the underlying causes and symptoms of the addiction. We focus on the triggers to help you break free from the chains of alcohol addiction. By coming here, you have already conquered the most critical step alone. But from here on, we will be there throughout for your journey ahead. The exceptional services that you will get at Safe House include the following:

Feel at home at Safe House Wellness Retreat

The comfort and serenity offered by Safe House are unmatched. We create an atmosphere to make sure you do not feel that you are away from home. The food is also tailored as per your requirements, keeping in mind all your dietary needs. Besides nutritional food, we organize various team activities for guests to form connections and become each other’s biggest supporters on this journey. You will also get access to various in-room amenities to ensure the most comfortable stay at our retreat.

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Expert staff to accompany you at every step of the way

We only hire leading healthcare experts who are well-trained and experienced in helping people overcome alcohol addiction. Regular counselling sessions with skilled psychologists can not only help you manage your emotions effectively but also curb the root cause of your addiction. Our team also comprises a care-taking staff that is committed to serving you. The staff at Safe House Wellness Retreat will be there for you throughout this transformational process. With the right type of alcohol treatment, therapy, and support, anyone can put their bad days behind and begin afresh.

Confidentiality comes first at Safe House Wellness Retreat

End-to-end confidentiality is our topmost priority. We are a trusted rehabilitation center that ensures that your privacy is always maintained. Our program also incorporates the steps of AA and NA. Our primary motive is to assist you in having this cathartic journey on your terms, in your own time. We adopt a holistic approach by also focusing on the mental health issues that usually go overlooked during abstinence.

Adopting an effective approach

We believe in providing a treatment that remains effective for the long term. Our objective is todesign a clean and healthy lifestyle for you that can be continued for years down the line. It includes exercise, meditation, yoga, and dietary changes. We offer various emotional and cognitive therapies to help you connect with your inner self. An all-rounded approach that helps you in all facets of your life is our USP. We follow a very secular path in our treatment. Transforming your attitude is the most crucial aspect of dealing with an addiction. We will help your body detox and rejuvenate.

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Relapse prevention

Preventing ourselves from falling into old habits can be quite challenging. With alcohol addiction, the chances of relapsing are quite predominant. Therefore, we focus on a sustained recovery that not only helps you treat the symptoms but also uproot the causes of your addiction. After leaving the rehab centre’s safety, a lot of potential triggers wait for people in the real world. Weaim to arm our patients with the ability to deal with these distractors and overcome them with ease.

Why choose us?

We have an elaborate twelve-step programme inplace. It involves assessing your clinical, mental, and medical health and developing a customized treatment plan to suit all your needs. The holistic approach followed at Safe House Wellness Retreat makes it the most luxurious, trusted, and reliable rehabilitation centre in the city. Rehab can be a life-altering process for anyone. If accompanied by the right care and support, it can turn your life around for good. Our team of medical experts, including psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and physicians, can help you design a targeted and personalized regime.

Coping with withdrawal symptoms can be challenging. So, we ensure that our patients have the most comfortable and stress-free stay at this retreat. Our staff is well versed in the requirements of the human body during the detoxification process. Most important of all, you will never find yourself alone on this journey.

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