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Four Ways to Determine A Good-Quality Champagne


Quality Champagne, the centrepiece of every celebration is a symbol of success, luxury, and achievements. Thus, a bottle of it always costs you more than a pack of beer. 

There is a good reason why champagne is so special. It can turn ordinary meals, gatherings and dates into lasting impressions. A good bottle of champagne costs hundreds to even thousands of dollars. 

However, most of the time, many of those who fancy a bottle of champagne lack the knowledge or understanding of what a bottle of good champagne is like.

If you’re planning to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate something special, you must read this post from Bevmart to learn detailed information about what makes a good bottle of champagne.

1.Physical Appearance

When evaluating the bottle of champagne, you must start with its appearance. We are accustomed to examining a wine’s quality right after it’s poured into a glass, so it’s proper to apply the same rule to a glass of champagne. 

Although it’s not the entire indicator of quality, the champagne’s appearance tells how it was made or processed. A bottle of good champagne always has that pale yellowish or light crystal-clear gold colour. 

There are rare varieties of champagne that come with an amber colour. Champagne is naturally light-coloured since it’s made from white grapes. If the champagne you poured into a glass has a murky and pinkish or brownish colour, chances are it’s mixed with food colouring.

2.The Smell 

Before you take a sip of the champagne, give yourself a moment to swirl it on the glass and inhale its aroma. You can instantly tell a bottle of good-quality champagne if you can catch the whiff of aroma instantly in the air when its cork is removed. 

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A good sign that you’re drinking good-quality champagne is it has a subtle mineral and fruity aroma. Also, some champagne smells like freshly baked bread with hints of wood and limestone. 

Bad champagne, meanwhile, smells unnatural rather than what’s described above. 

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3.The Mouthfeel 

Probably the most important indicator of a good bottle of champagne is its mouthfeel. The mouthfeel of excellent champagne has that mellow, creamy, and soft experience that lingers in your mouth for a few minutes. It is also crisp and bubbly. 

Poor-quality champagne, on the other hand, has abrasive and robust characteristics to it.

4.The Flavour

Bevmart, a popular online liquor store in Australia, a champagne’s flavour is something you must always consider. A fine bottle of champagne has a sweet and fruity flavour that is a common characteristic found in this kind of alcoholic drink. If the sweetness of the champagne is not felt, then it’s labelled as brut and dry. 

In contrast, there are dry champagnes that contain more than 2% sugar. In comparison, the brut flavour has a crisp apple, bready, and melon hints that you can taste in a sip. As you shift to the sweeter side of its flavour spectrum, you will notice the champagne’s fruitier and sugary flavour. 

Usually, the champagne’s bottle label describes the flavour and characteristics, to give the drinker an idea. 

Poor-quality champagne, meanwhile, has an unnatural sweetness and metallic taste to it. You won’t experience different flavour spectrums that linger in your mouth for a brief period. 


Finding the best champagne bottle is not that difficult these days since lots of websites post reviews. Always read honest reviews from champagne connoisseurs and wine experts to determine the quality. Other than that, you’re more than ready to buy a bottle of champagne for your upcoming celebration. 


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