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As humans, we are all unique. Every cell in our body is individual to us, and every human body is a one-of-a-kind model aside from identical twins, of course! We all function differently, even though we may feel the same as others. For example, you may head into the office feeling sluggish and tired, and others will feel the same. But the mechanisms producing that feeling will be different.

 You may feel tired because you haven’t eaten well that day. Your colleague might feel tired because they have a vitamin deficiency. Another because they have a poor sleep routine. That sluggish, tired feeling is one that every adult will have felt at some point in their lives. So, this post is going to talk about revitalizing your soul and awakening your body and mind. Keep on reading for some amazing tips!

Soul Reviving Supplements

Supplements are a great way of giving your body that extra boost of energy and life that it needs. It is important to remember that supplements should be taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet. They shouldn’t be a substitute. In fact, supplements generally work the best when they are combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Taking supplements while staying inactive and eating bad can sometimes defeat the object. 

A great all-around supplement to try is CBD. From anxiety relief to inflammation reduction, its broad range of benefits appeals to millions around the world. Check out brands such as Earthy Now to get a feel for the various CBD products available. When taken as a daily supplement, often twice daily, CBD has incredible effects. Studies show that users have to take it for around two weeks before the real benefits are felt. There are other great supplements to explore. 

To find out which one you might benefit from, take a look at your life at the moment. Do you suffer from poor sleep, dull skin, a poor appetite? For each individual problem you have, there is a supplement to combat it. For sleep, magnesium and HTP-5 supplements are recommended. For dull skin, collagen tablets are great. For a poor appetite, fish oils may work perfectly. Find your problem areas and do a quick Google search to see if there is a supplement for it!

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Routine Is Everything

You would be surprised at how much influence a good routine will have on you. There are two routines to focus on, morning and night. A morning routine sets the tone for the day. An evening routine helps to induce a peaceful sleep and a feeling of contentment. Let’s start with your morning routine.

Morning Routine

Ideally, you should set a time that you want to wake up every day. Studies have shown that if you can wake up naturally to the sunlight, you wake up with far more energy. Try sleeping with your curtains open and let the sunlight be your alarm clock. Of course, it all depends on your routine. If you are falling to sleep by 10 pm every evening, waking up at 7 am would be ideal. Time is often limited in the mornings, so try to keep your routine limited. 

To revitalize the soul, try a glass of ice-cold water and a five-minute morning stretch. Stretching in the morning invigorates the mind and body by stimulating blood flow and setting you upright for the day. Many people can’t eat in the morning. If that’s you, try a simple smoothie packed full of fruits or fruit and vegetables. The fruit has the power to provide as much energy as a morning coffee, except there’s no caffeine crash that follows!

 There are three simple and easy tips to start your day right. Water, stretch, and smoothie! If you can just set a goal of doing that from Monday to Friday, you will notice a big difference.

Evening Routine

For your evening routine, the focus should be on relaxation and winding down from the day. Give yourself an hour window before going to sleep to start your routine. If you can, have a five-minute hot shower or a soak in the bath. As you get out of the bath into the cold air, your body is triggered and begins to feel sleepy. There is science behind the suggestion.

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 A lower core body temperature stimulates the body to know it is time for bed. Like in the morning, have a big drink of water. Studies also show that the more hydrated you are, the better you will sleep. Then, if you can spare ten minutes, listen to a quick sleep-inducing meditation guide. Scrolling through social media before bed keeps you awake due to the light-emitting from your phone. A meditation guide helps your mind to switch off, your soul to relax, and your body to rest. 

Mindfulness Techniques

Mental health awareness is a lot higher than it used to be. The human race is recognizing that each individual has their unique struggles, and everyone will struggle with their mental health at some point. In fact, mental health struggles are one of the leading causes of that sluggish, tired feeling that this post is trying to cure. Practicing mindfulness techniques is a great way of combating stress, anxiety, fatigue, and a sluggish feeling. 

Try to create a journal for each day documenting what you have done and how you have felt. It will allow you to see the patterns of behavior you have and what attempts you make to change it. Journaling is an excellent mindfulness technique. Another great mindfulness technique is taking a few minutes every day to write down something you are grateful for or something you want. Positive affirmations are a great way of protecting your hopes and dreams to the universe in the hope you will achieve them. 

For example, if you want a bigger home write down every morning that you will have your dream home in your dream location. Picture it in your mind and bring it to life. What you are actually doing here is creating a focus and drive. When you can see something in your mind, you truly begin to believe it will happen.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your well-being and revitalize your soul. Everyone once in a while, we need to give our mind, body, and soul a little TLC in order to feel great.

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