Top 5 Best Industrial accounting software and invoice generators for 2021


No matter what you say, but digitalization has started in almost every business segment. To be very particular, it includes – applications; the software even uses of G-Suit to the maximum extent in the business. Cloud technology has changed the entire game. For example, with the use of cloud accounting software – you can create and store several invoices at any place and any time, or you can monitor your billings from anywhere.

Accounting software is one of the tools that you need to be familiar with even before beginning a business. The Best Accounting software for businesses helps you manage outgoings, expenses, recording the incoming, creating invoices, identifying and following up on past-due receivables, and running reports that help you assess the financial health and other facets of your company.

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According to a survey, 58% of the people involved in accounting or business activity uses Invoice imaging or Electronic document scanning, which shows the future of Online billing software in upcoming years.

Current uses of Automation (Source – Certify AP and Benchmarks Survey 2017)

5 Online billing software to watch out for in 2021

A Non- accounting person will handle small-business finance more quickly and affordably than ever before in 2021. It would best if you have the right Online billing software for your accounting process in the business. Still, with an ample number of options, how do pick the appropriate option? Keep scrolling and read along. In 2021, here are our top 5 invoicing and billing tech choices for independent companies, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

1.   FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an online billing software, flexible enough to accommodate nearly all, from freelancers to entrepreneurs with a few workers. You will use FreshBooks to do all of the following billing-related tasks:

  • Build an infinite number of customized invoices
  • Set up annual client billing automatically.
  • Attach late payments on the customers’ bills automatically.
  • Receive notifications as customers receive and pay their invoices.
  • Via the mobile app, you can accept purchases, generate invoices, and submit bills.
  • Directly on your invoices, list your hours spent and expenditures.
  • Businesses may use invoices to request deposits.
  • Send regular invoices in the language that both you and your clients want.
  • Accept payments in a variety of currencies.
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Business owners or the accounts heads may also use FreshBooks to generate forecasts and plans, which is especially helpful for architects, interior designers, and other companies who need to itemize supplies to have contracted staff.

1.   Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice provides the best Accounting software for businesses, regardless of what segment of the industry you operate.

With top functionality such as

  • Estimation Processing
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Cloud Sync
  • 24 X 7 Support, etc.

That a free online billing software may not provide. Besides, it is compatible with almost any platform, including Windows platform, iOS Apple mobile, macOS, and Android.

With Moon invoice following activities can be possible in terms of managing the accounts.

  • Invoice generation
  • Payment Process and integration
  • Preparation of Estimates
  • Time tracking and billing (Suitable for freelancers)
  • Expense tracking and reports etc.

2.   Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice, like other Zoho products, offers much more than the name implies.

Each Zoho Invoice package provides time monitoring, budget tracking, multi-currency assistance, and automated payment alerts in addition to automatic recurring invoicing. You should also set up a business site where your customers can access and pay invoices and work on ventures with you.

The lowest paying package from Zoho Invoice begins at $9 a month and enables you to invoice up to 50 customers per month. If your clientele is not large and you are looking to cut down the cost in your business operations per month, Zoho has a free plan too. A genuine cloud accounting software to look at if you are a small business owner.

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3.   Wave Financial

  • Wave combines with bank accounts and credit cards to manage expenditures seamlessly.
  • Wave provides accessible basic bookkeeping facilities.
  • Wave’s integrations are more constrained than those of any of its competitors.

These are only a couple of the reasons we choose Wave as the Best Accounting software for businesses.

Wave Financial provides a plethora of significant, high-quality accounting functionality for free. It includes payroll and invoicing functionality and free accountant links and links to the bank accounts in real-time.

As opposed to paying accounting applications, Wave quickly keeps its own. This Online billing software automates certain facets of accounting, saving company owners valuable resources. You may generate and plan regular invoices and transfers, as well as set up automated payment alerts and syncing for your bank, credit card, and PayPal accounts, utilizing the Cloud accounting software.

4.   Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Freelancers and self-employed persons need a low-cost accounting service that enables them to submit invoices and collect payment. Sage Business Cloud Accounting does all of this and more, making it our option for the Best Accounting software for businesses.

Sage is a cloud accounting software that delivers a powerful punch in minimal cost. You will generate and submit invoices, log transfers, and automatically reconcile bank entries with the entry-level schedule.

Sage also offers an annual user option for $25 a month. It allows you to email invoices, quotations, and predictions, run reports, perform research to predict cash flow, track sales invoices, and automatically snap and post receipts

We choose Sage Online billing software for freelancers and self-employed individuals because it is straightforward to set up and use. The app automates specific manual accounting procedures, such as posting receipts and refunds and submitting invoices and updates of past-due bills.


Wrap Up

Despite the corona pandemic, the online accounting software industry has expanded as organizations move to the cloud. Much of the same is anticipated in 2021 when companies of all types search for opportunities to cut expenses and simplify operations.

Before you decide to invest in the best accounting software for businesses, first establish your priorities and needs and what you want from that service. It will help to arrive at the correct selection for your business.

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