Why an Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella Is a Great Choice for You?


When it comes to cantilever umbrellas, also called offset outdoor umbrellas, there is an absence of a pole in the middle, making way down through the floor or table. There is also no huge base to avoid and dodge as you go and stay underneath. The outdoor cantilever umbrella offers optimal protection, comfortable interactions, and unobstructed views.  With it, you have the freedom to put tables, chairs, sofas, plants, cushions, hammocks, etc. 

What are the Perks of Using a Cantilever Umbrella?

  • It Gives Plenty of Shade

With a cantilever, you can easily sit or lay beneath the shade, even in the middle of the day as it can shield you against harsh and direct sunlight. It is also a great place to sit with family or friends, especially when the weather is warm and cosy. 

  • It Protects You From Rain

If you are sitting and getting comfortable on your patio, you can stay there as long as you want, even when it starts to rain. You can take delight in enjoying your leisure time, as well as the rain, without worrying about getting wet. 

  • It Allows You to Save Space

Due to its unique design that is far from the traditional patio umbrella, the cantilever is a major space-saver. So, you can install it on your backyard, patio, front landscape, or by the poolside. Also, many commercial establishments use cantilevers on their outdoor properties so people can stand or sit for a certain period under the sun. 

  • It Elevates the Appeal of Your Patio Area

When designing your patio with furniture items, the addition of an attractive outdoor cantilever umbrella can provide a dramatic look to the overall appearance of your outdoor space. 

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Deciding the Size of Your Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

Part of buying your cantilever umbrella is figuring out the perfect size for your canopy. You do not want to get a small umbrella because it means that it cannot offer enough shade. On the other hand, avoid getting a massive outdoor umbrella if your space cannot accommodate its size. It would ruin the design of your patio or pool area or overpower the entire area. 

When choosing your canopy size, some considerations are overhanging branches, fences, outside walls, and other physical constraints. Moreover, consider the space you need when arranging your outdoor furniture.

Selecting the Shape of Your Cantilever Umbrella

Some contributing factors that affect your decision are the space you plan on covering, the table shape, and your preference. The two popular shapes for cantilever umbrellas are octagonal and square.

  • Octagonal

Octagonal (or round) canopies are an excellent choice if you want to create an organic ambience or enhance your traditional outdoor design. An octagonal shape is also ideal for a symmetrical lounging area or table. Choosing an octagonal umbrella also removes the need to prune branches if your outdoor has surrounding foliage

  • Square

A square umbrella can offer the ultimate shade. It is also ideal for symmetrical outdoor spaces, creating a stylish appeal and complementing a contemporary design. If your patio has parallel structural features, a square cantilever can give a visual balance. 

Choosing an outdoor cantilever umbrella is exciting and easy. All things considered, pick the one that can withstand any kind of weather while meeting your other outdoor needs. 

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