Why are Varifocal glasses far better than Bifocals?


Varifocal glasses are always going to be a superior choice than any other lens. People at the age of 40 always face the dilemma of selecting the correct lens for their eyes.  At that stage, our eyes fall weak and give us distorted visuals. It’s very common to develop presbyopia, also known as nearsightedness of old age.

Ageing doesn’t sit sweetly with our eyes because eye condition like presbyopia causes several changes. It causes changes in our vision that enables us to struggle seeing objects at a near distance. Reading a newspaper, book or even a menu at a restaurant turns out to be blurry or unclear to read it out and understand; hence a corrective tool is required. If you are already farsighted then you’ll now need two different corrections in a single lens. 

Which one is worth it -Varifocals vs Bifocals?

At that stage, you’ll be hit with two different options, selecting either varifocal glasses or bifocals. Now, you wouldn’t want to make a bad investment or any regretful choice that wouldn’t support your eyes. But both of these lenses create a compelling competition. These two optical glasses are however different from one another in design and corrective features. Hence we’ve sorted out their pros and cons to help you make the right choice. 

Pros of Bifocal glasses

  • Bifocal glasses are lenses with two different sections. The top part helps to correct far distance vision while the lower part helps to correct near distance vision.
  • Bifocal glasses are easy to adjust. It doesn’t take time in their adjustment and doesn’t cause temporary eye problems while getting used to its design
  • The design of bifocal glasses is simple and it’s been used for quite a long time in the past. 
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Cons of Bifocal glasses

  • It only offers two different sight corrections. You can either look at a distance or near, there’s no space for intermediate distance.
  • It contains a visible dividing line which doesn’t look visually appealing and gives away your age.
  • Also, because of the presence of visible division lines, the transition from near to far or vice versa is not seamless. You have to look at two different sections rather than sifting your pupil into different directions.
  • It doesn’t allow any computer work because intermediate space is absent in the lenses. Hence, using a computer with bifocals is extremely difficult.

Pros of Varifocal glasses

  • Varifocals have three different sections where the topmost part corrects far distance, the middle portion corrects intermediate distance and the lower part corrects near distance.
  • As it renders corrections of three different distances, you can comfortably look far or read a newspaper and do your computer work. All three are possible with a single lens.

 It doesn’t contain any visible division line which makes it look great. It’s clear, fresh and doesn’t give away your age at a glance.

  • Moreover, the lack of a dividing line gives it a great transition from far to near and vice versa. It also contains a peripheral distortion section at the edges of the lenses.  That also contributes to easing the transition from looking at the sky and then resuming back to reading your books without any difficulty.

Cons of Varifocal glasses

  • It takes a week or 4 to 5 days to adjust.
  • It’s a new design and corrective features lead to image distortion at the beginning of use. Hence, you’ll need to give some time to adjust.
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That leads us to the end of the debate. With less number of cons, Varifocal glasses are a better alternative than bifocal glasses.  Go ahead and get your progressive glasses at Specscart. If you want to make buying prescription glasses online a lot more beneficial, then there’s no place better than Specscart. It offers all of its lenses with a free fully loaded protective coating like anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV while providing impact resistance.

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