Why Should You Replace Normal Doors with TOSTEM Aluminum Soundproof Doors in Your Office?

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Did you know that noise pollution is harmful to your health? It can lead to high stress, depression, sleeping disorder, mood swings, irritability, tinnitus, hypertension, and other severe psychological or mental health issues. Several studies have also revealed that living in a noisy environment increases the risks of getting type 2-diabetes and heart disease.

A quiet and serene environment can help minimise distractions and enhance productivity. But, it can be hard to foster such an environment, especially if you live in urban areas or busy neighbourhoods. 

There is little you can do to tackle such outside noise polluters. However, you can prevent the noise from entering your home. So, how can you achieve that?

90% of all the noise enters through windows and doors, not walls. You can prevent it from invading your home by installing soundproof doors and windows. Such a solution will cut down the noise levels by at least 75-95%.

Soundproof doors

There are numerous ways to soundproof your doors and windows. For instance, you can install an additional door or window to prevent noise from entering your home. Or, you can select aluminium doors and windows. 

You can also try utilising generic and cheap solutions like adhesive panels or silicon fillings, but such a solution is only temporary and reduces the aesthetics of your home. The ideal option for soundproofing is selecting TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows. Read on to find out why: 

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Soundproof aluminium doors 

Quality assurance

TOSTEM is a world-leading brand for manufacturing aluminium windows and doors. It produces stellar products that undergo multiple levels of quality assurance for certifying the manufacturing process and the final product. These include: 

  • Using Japanese technology
  • Pre-engineered system windows (PEW)
  • JIS and ASTM Standards
  • Quality assurance and testing

The first three occur during the production and manufacturing process of LIXIL INDIA aluminium doors products. But all products undergo the 4th stage to certify that they are ready for the market. Quality assurance and testing involve a series of tests, including soundproofing tests to ensure high performance concerning noise insulation.

Multiple Applications

Indeed, you can successfully block sound from entering your home just by using thicker and better quality glass on your doors or windows. But that will depend on the frame’s ability to support its weight together with the glass material. For such a solution, it is not recommended to use uPVC or wooden windows as there are chances of the frame being warped or cracked. 

You don’t have to deal with this problem with aluminium. Aluminium is strong and durable and can bear far more weight than any other material for windows and doors. It can support thicker glass to reduce up to 51 dB of noise.  

Due to its versatile nature, aluminium also allows multiple applications in terms of glazing, size, shape, and style. You can use any glass between 4mm and 65mm to fit into your door and window design on a variety of options.

Rubber Gaskets

Most windows and door manufacturers utilise solutions like silicone filling in the fenestration for soundproofing purposes. But, TOSTEM products come with precision rubber gaskets that prevent noise, wind, and dust from entering your home. 

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Other benefits of rubber gaskets include prevention from water ingress. LIXIL products also use EPDM gaskets in window and door sashes, which completely seals the products against noise. 


Whether you decide to go with bi-folding, French, aluminium sliding doors and windows, or any other option, it is advisable to go with aluminium variants for preventing noise from entering your home. 

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