3 Gorgeous Disney Cartoons That Everyone Forgot About


Several generations have grown up on Disney cartoons. Kind Snow White, touching Bambi,
and, of course, cheerful Mickey Mouse (the list goes on for a long time!) are our friends since
childhood. But everything could have been different if other studio projects had been just as
Cartoons are what pleased us in Lithuania and continue to please us now. But if you have
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joy online. Or read our list below!
A Series About Oswald the Rabbit, 1920-1930
Few people know that Mickey Mouse, who has become a symbol of the Disney studio, has
an older brother who looks like him like two drops of water. Only Oswald the Rabbit has long
ears and wears blue pants instead of red.
The character, invented by Disney for a series of cartoons, quickly began to gain popularity,
and a year later Walt's distributor insidiously took away his rights to the hero. In retaliation,
he came up with a new one – Mickey Mouse, who intercepted the palm.
According to critics, the mouse fell in love with the audience due to its cloudlessly cheerful
disposition, while the rabbit had a more complex character. However, perhaps red pants
played a role.
"The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", 1949
The film is based on two literary works: "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Graham and
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving. Its parts were shot separately and
combined into one movie solely for reasons of chronomontage.
The hero of the first part was the frog Tadeusz Toad. This adventurer just went crazy when
he saw a new miracle of technology – a car, the desire to get it at all costs leads to big
The second part tells about a place called Sleepy Hollow, where a new school teacher
Ichabod Crane arrives. He becomes a rival of the first guy in the village in the fight for the
heart of a rich bride, and in love, as you know, all means are good.
There is a local legend about a headless horseman who terrifies the villagers… In the
original version, the film was voiced by the stars of its time – Basil Rathbone and Bing
"The Lady and the Tramp", 1955
There is a legend that one day Disney forgot about a date with his wife and, to make
amends, giving her a puppy. It is not known whether this was the case, but it is with such an

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episode that the cartoon begins. Thus, a cavalier King Charles spaniel named Lady appears
in a rich family. And somewhere on the street, there lives a mongrel Tramp. By chance, they
will meet and fall in love with each other despite prejudices. This cartoon is filled with an
interesting plot, love, and drama.
All these cartoons have been forgotten, but they are worth watching with your children or
even yourself!

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